We’re continually adding new genealogy records and features - researchers can use this page to catch up on our most recent additions and improvements. 

New Records

The New York Genealogical & Biographical Record

For the first time ever, digital images of The Record have been linked to entries in the every-name index. Researchers can now search this index by first name, last name, or keyword.

Search results will display additional fields such as event, date, and article title. Each result is now accompanied by a direct link to the page of the digital issue where the name appears.

Researchers can still conduct a full-text search of The Record – by using the NYG&B Record Full-text collection. Read more about the differences in our article, The Record: Indexed and Full-text Versions.

New Features

The NYG&B is continuously working to ensure this platform offers the best possible experience for our users.

We carefully listen to the feedback we receive from our members and plan new feature releases and improvements several times per year. 

This section will list additional features and improvements as they are released throughout the year. 

If you have a feature you would like us to add, or have noticed something we should fix, please fill out our feedback form.

Online Collections Version 0.1-beta

As the official beta release of this new platform, all features are new - we invite NYG&B Society members to explore, research, and send us your feedback.

Read on for a summary of notable features that are included in this beta release. 

Search all NYG&B records at once 

Researchers can perform a search of all records from the Online Collections home page. Filters based on category or creator are available to apply pre-search, and search results can be refined based on category, collection title, or location.

Collection Descriptions and Waypoints

The descriptions of all collections have been expanded - researchers may now find an exhaustive description of exactly what is contained in each collection on the individual collection page (these pages can be accessed from the Online Collections home page or the Collections Catalog page). 

These descriptions feature waypoint links - these links will bring researchers to a specific section within the records of a particular collection. This is an especially useful feature on our image-browse collections, which are not yet searchable. 

View, print, or download full issues of The Record 

We have implemented a very popular request from our members in recent years - researchers can now view, print, or download any issue of The Record. To do so, click the "view full file" button on any single page view and a new window will open, loading the entire PDF file into the image viewer. The full file may be printed or downloaded from the image viewer.