We’re continually adding new genealogy records and features. Researchers can use this page to catch up on both our new records and new features

New Records

Force/Vorce Index Cards

Added August 2020

We have three new collections online, all of which were digitized by NYG&B volunteers and interns. These "Force/Vorce" collections consist of typewritten index cards that hold genealogical information about people with the surname Force/Vorce. 

The original index cards were created by the NYG&B’s Royden Woodward Vosburgh. It is likely that these cards were made between 1914 and 1928, which is the period when Vosburgh worked at the NYG&B before he fell ill. 

These collections will be useful if you're researching ancestors with the Force/Vorce surname, or have a family member who married into that family. Searching the records may reveal a previously-unknown connection to this family. 

Click on the links below to access the three indexes available on the Force/Vorce family: 


Broadway Tabernacle Church Cards

Added July 2020

These index cards—digitized by NYG&B volunteers—contain notes on the members of the Broadway Tabernacle Church in Manhattan. Organized in 1840, the Broadway Tabernacle Church was the “first Congregational church on Manhattan Island.” The member notes that are available are mostly from the 1800s. 

The information in each note card typically consists of the date a member joined; the year a member was married; the date a member died; where a member was educated; what kind of missionary work they engaged in; and much more. 

These records have been added to our New York County Religious Records collection. Read more about the Broadway Tabernacle Church and the index cards in the New York County Religious Records collection description

Article and Location Index to The NYG&B Record

Added July 2020

A new searchable index to The NYG&B Record has been added to the website. Researchers can now search all articles in The Record by article title, and filter articles by volume, issue, and prominent locations covered in the article.  

This index is especially useful for discovering articles about the topics and locations of your own research—regardless of the names and families covered, these articles can help you uncover important clues and sources to use in your own research. It is also particularly useful for finding serialized articles published in multiple installments. Visit The NYG&B Record Article Index.

Steuben County Histories

Added July 2020

This collection includes four histories of Steuben County and its local municipalities. These county histories include crucial historical context, details of religious congregations, businesses, local politics, and more. Many short biographies and genealogies of residents are also included. Researchers will even find some records of marriages and other life events.

These volumes are all searchable, and researchers can use the thorough waypoint links to view the contents of each history and jump to specific sections. Read more about the collection and search on the Steuben County Histories collection page

Columbia County Histories

Added June 2020

This collection contains histories of Columbia County, New York. These histories provide crucial historical context that can help researchers uncover more records and develop a deeper understanding of their Columbia County ancestors. Information about individuals can be found as well—many of the volumes include biographical sketches, illustrations, lists of county officers, and other details of the people that lived in the county. 

These volumes are all searchable, and researchers can use the thorough waypoint links to view the contents of each history and jump to specific sections. Read more about the collection and search on the Columbia County Histories collection page.   

The Columbia (Periodical)

Added June 2020

The Columbia is a periodical created and edited by Arthur C.M. Kelly, founder of Kinship Books. Issues of this periodical—originally published in the 1980s and 1990s—contain rare and essential record extracts and transcriptions from Columbia County and nearby areas. Individual issues cover a wide range of materials documenting families who lived in (and around) Columbia County in the 1700s and 1800s. Much of the information found in this brand-new collection cannot be found anywhere else online.

This collection is fully searchable and full issues are also available to browse. Click here to learn more.

NYG&B Member Biographies

Added May 2020

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, NYG&B members were sent biographical surveys and asked to return them to the society. Most survey responses are handwritten and around four pages long. Some have several pages of supplemental material included.

This collection has been enhanced with an every-name index that includes members and all names mentioned in survey responses. Our collection description contains a full list of typical questions asked. Explore the NYG&B Member Biographies collection to learn about past society members—you may even be related to one! 

Additional Religious Records

Added May 2020

Transcriptions of records from 10 congregations throughout New York State were added to our collections. Congregations from Cayuga, New York, Rensselaer, Queens, Westchester, and Richmond counties were included in the update. Read our blog announcing the update for an overview of all congregations. 

New Features

Our Digital Team is always working to ensure this platform offers the best possible experience for our users.

We carefully listen to the feedback we receive from our members and plan new feature releases and improvements several times per year. 

If you have a feature you would like us to add, or have noticed something we should fix, please fill out our feedback form.

This section will list additional features and improvements as they are released throughout the year. 

Version 1.0 Release Notes

Released July 2020

After months of gathering feedback, we have fixed the few bugs that were discovered, added several new featured, and improved existing features. See below for notes on what is new, improved, and fixed. Please continue to fill out our feedback form so we can keep improving this platform.

Browse The NYG&B Record by Volume or Year

When you know the exact volume and issue or year of The NYG&B Record you want to read, you can now easily navigate to what you’re looking for.

You will now find a “Browse by Volume” option on all versions of The NYG&B Record. You will see the same feature in our image viewer on all images from The NYG&B Record:

Now you can easily find any issue from a specific volume or year.

This is useful for tracking down issues you find in citations and for finding previous installments of articles that are published as a series.

Thanks to Abigail for suggesting this feature!

Already-visited Image Links Change Color

When you click image links from the search results page, links you have already clicked will now turn purple, so when you return to the search results page, you can tell you have already viewed those images.

Links to images you have recently viewed will appear purple in the search results. 

This will help you avoid accidentally looking at the same image multiple times, and will allow you to identify images you may not have seen yet when conducting searches.

Please note that this behavior does reset after a period of time, so in future visits, already-visited links will eventually turn blue again.

Thanks to Kim and Laurene for suggesting this feature!  

Image links Open in the Same Tab

When you click to view an image from the search results page, the image will now open in the same browser tab as the search results.

This means you can easily click the back button on your browser to return to the search results.

Before this change, the search results opened in a new tab. If you would like to open images from your search results in a new tab, you can still do so by right-clicking (control-click on Mac) and selecting “open in new tab.”   

Thanks to Ann Louise and others for suggesting this feature!

Improved OCR Text Extraction

Our development team has expanded our ability to extract text from a larger variety of digitized records.

In short, this means there are now many additional types of digital files we can add to our platform—like county histories and more—and they’ll be very easy to search!

Bug Fix: Paginated Search Results

Some users reported a problem when trying to view the second and third pages of search results—links to those pages of results sometimes failed to load.

Our development team identified the cause of the issue and resolved it, so this bug is no longer present. Please let us know if you encounter any other unexpected behavior and we’ll fix it as soon as possible!

Thanks to Andrea, Barbara, and others for calling our attention to this bug!

Version 0.9 (beta) Release Notes

Released March 2020

The beta version of our Online Records Platform was released in March 2020. We would like to extend a special thanks to the many members who used the platform and shared their invaluable feedback with us. Many of the comments and suggestions were used to improve the platform, add new features immediately, and plan for further improvement. We couldn't have done it without you!