Notable Men of Rochester and Vicinity: XIX and XX Centuries

This volume focuses on men of notoriety from Rochester during the 19th and 20th centuries. Researchers will find portraits of these men, as well as information about the occupation and churches that they attended under their respective portraits. Also included in this volume are lists of local authors, inventions made in the city, government officials, churches, libraries, and more.

This book was published by Dwight J. Stoddard and edited by George C. Bragdon in 1902 

Collection Category: Biographies, County Histories|Collection Type: OCR|Location: Monroe County

This fully searchable text was produced as part of 20th-Century memorial efforts to maintain the legacy of prominent figures born in the 19th and 20th centuries within the area.

The first section of the book, beginning on page 16 of the PDF, is entitled “Historical Compend” and differs from the rest of the work in its purpose and set-up. This Compend contains various pieces of information, starting first and foremost with prominent local authors and their works (16) and continuing on to a section detailing important local inventions. Page 28 (xvii) notably lists the name of George Eastman, also known as the founder of the Kodak camera company, next to various improvements he made in camera and photograph technology.

The following subsection, aptly titled “Various Condensations,” gives concise histories of topics salient to Rochester. A page or two is dedicated to each subtopic, ranging from major town celebrations to tragedies or local calamities. Pages 42-45 contain compiled lists of all elected officials within the city and the dates during which they were in office.

The index is on page 39 and lists the names of the portraits in alphabetical order.