Privacy Policy

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society (“The NYG&B”) will never sell, rent, exchange, share or otherwise provide your personal information to other people, companies or entities, without your express permission, unless otherwise specified in the Terms & Conditions, Section 4, “Member Forum” portion of our site or as required by law. This applies to all information that you provide through any method of communication with the NYG&B. Including sign-up sheets at events, sign-ups to our eNewsletter, and any other activity which you willingly disclose personal information to the NYG&B. As such, your individual information is confidential.

Any data that we gather are used by the NYG&B solely for the purpose of helping us to serve you better. While the NYG&B may share summaries and analyses of combined user demographics, traffic and usage patterns with third parties, such data-groupings are always anonymous and thus contain no specific names, contact information, credit card information or any other individual data. In such cases, even these anonymous, gathered statistics are shared with only our sponsors or business partners.

Members of the NYG&B will be notified of any updates to our privacy policy. The NYG&B may provide links to other organizations or entities on our website and publication. The NYG&B holds no responsibility for the privacy policy of these organizations or entities.