History of Delaware County, and Border Wars of New York

Collection Category: County Histories|Collection Type: OCR|Location: Delaware County

This historical report on Delaware County is a comprehensive text by Jay Gould, a nineteenth century surveyor, and later a wealthy and notorious investor. It provides a compilation of original settler testimonies and primary sources, such as newspapers, that can be browsed to unveil ‘historical and miscellaneous matter, never before been published.’

Chapter highlights include:
- Chapter I: History
- Chapter II: Indian Character
- Chapter III: New York in 1770
- Chapter IV: Revolution
- Chapter V: St Leger Cowley
- Chapter VI: Repose of the frontier settlements
- Chapter VII: Declaration of Peace
- Chapter VIII: Adventures and the final settlement of Timothy Beach
- Chapter IX: Increase of population in the interior of the State
- Chapter X: The lost manuscript
- Chapter XI: Anti-rent difficulties
- Chapter XII: Introduction of the excitement into Delaware County, 1844
- Chapter XIII: Action of the Executive
- Chapter XIV: Sketch of the services of the late Timothy Murphy in the border welfare
of the revolution
- Chapter XV: Requested production from the pen of a daughter of E. B. Fenn, Esq.
- Chapter XVI: Obituary notices
- Appendix

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