Delaware County, New York; History of the Century, 1797-1897

Collection Category: County Histories|Collection Type: OCR|Location: Delaware County

Records in this memorial volume have been collected for the purpose of public celebration of the centennial anniversary, spanning the existence of Delaware County from its founding in 1797. Documentation of this period includes photographs, numerical reports and institutional literature, among others.

In Part II, Murray showcases historical notices of the towns and county, and biographical sketches of the most eminent citizens that illustrate the proceedings of the days devoted to the public exercises in the town of Delhi. 

Chapter highlights include:
• Part I: Introductory
• Section I: Indian Occupants; Wild Animals
• Section II: Physical Features
• Section III: Early Settlements
• Section IV: Pioneer Experiences
• Section V: Revolutionary Troubles
• Section VI: Organization of the County
• Section VII: Military Concerns
• Section VIII: Anti-Rent Troubles
• Section IX: The Civil War
• Section X: Early Industries
• Section XI: Roads and Railroads
• Section XII: Education and Schools
• Section XIII: Churches and Church Movements
• Section XIV: Early Physicians
• Section XV: Biographical Sketches
• Part II: The Centennial Celebration
• Part III: Town Histories
• Appendix
• List of Illustrations

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