Landmarks of Monroe County

Landmarks of Monroe County (1895) covers multiple facets of Monroe County history, with the composite work meant to paint a full picture of the region from its earliest known origins until the year 1895. Each section is authored by a different person and covers varying topics relating to the establishment of Monroe County. Most notably, the book includes a breakdown of individual town histories as well as an extensive biography section with most names accompanied by photographs of the respective person. The final three hundred pages of the book contain comprehensive family sketches with great amounts of genealogical information and the lineages of hundreds of people.

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The first section of the book, “Part I,” contains the early history of the county. This section outlines the chronological history of the county up until the Civil War, major cultural developments within Monroe County, and the history of 19 different towns. The cultural section dedicates itself to educating the reader on the daily lives of Monroe people, with chapters broken down between village and city life; these parts illuminate the religious, occupational, and developmental realities of those living within the county in the 18th and 19th centuries. The last section of part one features in-depth write-ups on the establishments of notable Monroe towns and the development of their respective political cultures and business environments.

“Part II” of the work contains biographies of notable men within Monroe County, and their names indexed at the back of the book. Biographies vary in length, but readers should expect to find significant biographical information for each person, including information on birth and death (if applicable) dates, education, occupations, and immediate family members. Certain biographies also feature photographs of the subject.

Taking a wider and more genealogical approach, “Part III” contains paragraphs divided by family name (but not in any particular/alphabetical order) that give family histories and list the known descendants or relatives of each individual. A section such as this would prove useful to those who have any known descendants within the listings as it provides researchers with the chance to unlock various facts about their ancestral lines.

The book concludes with a three-part index divided by the sections of the book. All of the names given in either the biographical accounts or familial histories are listed there.


Notable Sections of the Book and Their Respective PDF Pages:

656-802 — biographical accounts

806-1114 — family sketches

142-154 — Rochester History


About Monroe County:

Monroe is situated in northern New York and abuts Lake Ontario. Since its origins until today, the easily accessible water source has led it to become home to multiple trading stops across the lake. Most notably, Monroe County contains the city of Rochester, which has historically been home to ports that have welcomed traders across the great lakes, providing researchers with the opportunity to explore the many types of people that may have passed through the county