Church Family Account Book, Churchville, Monroe County, 1849-1854

An account ledger for the Church Family of Monroe County from 1849-1854.

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Details about this book 

  • The account book belonged to the family of Dennis Church, the second generation of the family that the town of Churchville was named after. 

  • Transactions found in this volume took place in the towns of Riga and Churchville, Monroe County.

  • Flour milling seems to have been the primary business of the family, which indicates a connection to the founding family of Churchville. 

About the Church family

Captain Samuel Church first moved to the region north of Riga in 1808 where he built a saw and flour mill. He privately owned the entirety of the land, but in 1852 it was formally named Churchville after Samuel Church. Dennis Church, whose names appears on page 3 of this volume and page 150 of the Riga School Records, was the nephew of Captain Church.