Calendar of Historical Manuscripts, Albany, NY

Collection Category: Colonial|Collection Type: OCR|Location: Albany County

This book is a calendar--a chronological itemization of documents--and, according to the author, was modeled after the “Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series, preserved in the State Department of Her Majesty's Public Record Office”. It draws from the Dutch MSS, with the author noting that these records are vital in learning of the “state of Society, Religion and Education”. It was made up of two “classes”, one regarding titles of real estate and the other to administration of justice and general government actions; enacting laws, introducing municipal institutions, establishing towns and local courts and magistrates, etc. The second class is of more historical value and required translation. The translation process began in 1818 and was completed in 1822.

The documents and volumes included are as follows;

  • Register of Provincial Secretary’s Office, 1638-1662—3 Volumes 
  • Council Minutes, 1638-1665…7 Volumes Correspondence, 1646-1664—5 Volumes 
  • Ordinances, Writs and Fort Orange Records, 1647-1664—1 Volume 
  • Curaçao papers, 1640-1665—1 Volume 
  • Delaware papers, 1645-1684—4 Volumes 
  • Land Papers, (Patents and Deeds,), 1630-1664—2 Volumes

‌These documents have been digitized and are available in the New York State Archives. 


The structure of the book is chronological itemization of each of these sources, organized by date, a mention of what the document is (Note, deed, contract, etc.), a brief title, and the page. E.g., “May 16. Contract. Director Kieft to deliver to Abraham Isaacksen Planck two milch cows on halves,......108”. The year for each can be found at the top left of each page.

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