Revolutionary Soldiers Resident or Dying in Onondaga County, N.Y.

Collection Category: County Histories|Collection Type: OCR|Location: Onondaga County

This book was prepared by Reverend W. M. Beauchamp and published in April 1912 by the Onondaga Historical Society. It contains information on soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War, including the names and dates of birth and death of the soldiers and family members, cities they resided in, and epitaphs. The latter part of the book includes the names and information of men who would have been eligible to fight in the war, but for whom records could not be found. More than half of the men on that list would have seen some service during the Revolutionary War. A brief introduction on local history precedes the lists. The book was expanded from a previous pension list compiled by Franklin H. Chase and published in 1895. 

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