History of Onondaga County, New York

Collection Category: County Histories|Collection Type: OCR|Location: Onondaga County

This book was written by Professor W. W. Clayton and published in 1878 by D. Mason and Co. of Syracuse, NY. It contains information about Onondaga County, including details of events and relations with the Iroquois Confederacy and other Native American tribes. Clayton notes in the introduction that Onondaga was formerly the center for the Iroquois Confederacy or the League of the Five Nations, where National Council meetings would have taken place. The French and English warred against each other on this land and involved Native American peoples, despite the efforts of Jesuit missionaries. The book contains histories of cities and towns in the county and biographical sketches of prominent pioneers and residents. Topography and geology information is also included, along with records on buildings and points of interest and illustrations of people and places throughout Onondaga County.

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