The Daughters of the American Revolution: A treasure for genealogical research

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I first came across the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) as a young genealogist, when at age 10 I learned of my grandmother’s membership in the DAR.

Her mother (my great-grandmother) was active in her state chapter, and her mother (my second great-grandmother) and grandmother (my third great-grandmother) were also members. While their membership left a legacy of genealogical information, it also represented a much larger legacy of community service and work to preserve the memory of the American Revolution.

The DAR holds the most authoritative and exhaustive database of Revolutionary War soldiers and their descendants. They have safeguarded the lineage of America’s founders, identifying more than 144,000 Patriot ancestors in the past 125 years.

The Genealogical Research System can be searched online, for free, by anyone. The Genealogical Records Committee (GRC) reports can also be freely searched online, gathering thousands of records and names that have been preserved by DAR organizations across the United States for many years.

In 2012 the DAR published New York in the American Revolution: A Source Guide for Genealogists and Historians.1 Authored by Eric G. Grundset, the work provides an exhaustive bibliography of resources indispensable for anyone tracing New York families during the Revolutionary period and is an essential reference work.


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Beyond Revolutionary War Patriots

Through the GRC and other work, the DAR has established an unparalleled collection of family history resources – one of the nation’s best resource for genealogists tracing an ancestor born in the United States before 1850.

Be sure to check the following resources (click on the name of each resource to visit):


Descendants Database Search

Searches more than 7.1 million names of descendants of accepted patriots. This unique collection includes thousands of New Yorkers and can be important for identifying relatives or collateral lines, depending upon the uniqueness of the surname.


DAR Analytical Index Cards

A unique collection of digitized cards from the DAR Library, typically providing information by surname on family narratives and other items found within published sources. Many of the cards include references from materials in the public domain, which can easily be found through Google Books or the Internet Archive.


Bible Records and Transcriptions

More than 81,000 searchable materials from the GRC reports gleaned from bible records often submitted by DAR members. Results provide a state series and volume, which requires a visit to a library. The entire collection can be accessed at the DAR Library in Washington, D.C., while other volumes are sometimes available at local libraries. For New York, the New York State Library in Albany, New York has a terrific collection of New York’s GRC reports (and is a frequent highlight of researchers who join the NYG&B on our yearly trip to Albany).

As with any repository, the DAR’s online collections represent only part of their immense collection. Consider spending some time in their Library Catalog to explore books, manuscripts, and other collections that might assist you in tracing your New York families.


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[1] Grundset, Eric G. New York in the American Revolution: A Source Guide for Genealogists and Historians. Washington, D.C: National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, 2012


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