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One benefit of NYG&B membership is free access to all North American records on one of the leading family history websites, Findmypast.

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Read below to learn about a few of the most useful record sets available through Findmypast. 

What is Findmypast?

Findmypast is a family history website with exclusive records from the United States, Ireland, Britain, and other countries around the world. Notable collections include United States marriage certificates, Catholic records, and the Periodical Source Index (PERSI). Findmypast also has the largest Irish and British family history records online. 

All North American Records 

Findmypast has over ten million New York State marriage records,
many of which cannot be found elsewhere online. 

NYG&B members have access to all of Findmypast's U.S. and Canadian collections. To perform a search of all North American records at once, or narrow your search by record type and other categories, visit the Search United States & Canada records page

Members can also view the full A-Z list of all North American record collections on the Search A-Z page (search "New York" to see all record sets for New York State). There are many collections available on Findmypast, including every U.S. Federal Census, and Canadian Censuses from 1861–1911.

U.S. Marriages

Findmypast has a collection of over 230 million United States marriage records, including over 10 million from New York. Records range from the 1600s to the 1900s and draw from a wide variety of sources including licenses, certificates, applications, registers, affidavits, and more. 

Catholic Records

Findmypast is home to The Catholic Heritage Archive, which is the most comprehensive online collection of Roman Catholic records for the U.S. and includes the Diocese of New York. 

Records from other American cities, including Philadelphia and Baltimore are also online at Findmypast.

PERSI: Periodical Source Index

NYG&B members are know all about the value of genealogy periodicals like The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record—the Periodical Source Index (PERSI) is the gateway to many more. 

PERSI is the largest subject index to genealogy and local history periodical articles in the world and now contains searchable, digital complete issues of many.  

Created, maintained, and expanded by the Allen County Public Library (ACPL), PERSI is a valuable resource for genealogists and family historians.

Read this article to learn more about PERSI and how to use it successfully, or watch our webinar PERSI Across the Generations.

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Irish and British Records Discount

NYG&B members who wish to access all records on Findmypast - including those from the U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand - can upgrade to Premium membership for a 63% discount. To do so, sign in to your NYG&B account here, and navigate to the Findmypast discount code section for this special discount code.