Findmypast Records Open to NYG&B Members

Within the first few days of your NYG&B membership, you will receive a code to activate your free Starter Plus subscription to Findmypast.

NYG&B members always have access to search NYG&B eLibrary collections without using this code or creating a Findmypast account (to learn more about using the eLibrary, visit the Help Center), but activating this benefit of membership will open up even more digital records. 

Click here, and sign in to your NYG&B account to view your Findmypast voucher. This page, located in your Account Management Portal, also has instructions to activate your code in a few easy steps.  

Continue reading for a general overview of the Findmypast collections you will have access to once you activate your voucher code. 


All North American Records 

Findmypast has millions of New York State marriage records, which aren't in our
eLibrary, but are available if you activate your voucher code. 

NYG&b members will have access to all of Findmypast's U.S. and Canadian collections. To perform a search of all North American records at once, or narrow your search by record type and other categories, visit the Search United States & Canada records page

Members can also view a full A-Z list of all North American record collections on the Search A-Z page (search "New York" to see all record sets for New York State). There are many collections available on Findmypast, including every U.S. Federal Census and Canadian Censuses from 1861 - 1911. 

Members may be particularly interested in Findmypast's U.S. Marriages Collection, which debuted in 2016 and is still rapidly growing. Once all images are brought online, it will be the largest collection of U.S. Marriage records anywhere online and will contain many exclusive images that have never been digitally published before. 

Findmypast also recently launched The Catholic Heritage Archive, which will be the most comprehensive online collection of Roman Catholic records for the U.S. once completed.

As of March 2018, Findmypast added their first batch of New York Catholic records, covering Bronx, New York (Manhattan), and Westchester counties, with many more coming in the near future. Read more on our blog

Records from other American cities, like Philadelphia and Baltimore are also online at Findmypast.



NYG&B members also have access to Findmypast's significant collection of U.S. newspapers. Note that this collection will not be queried by the Search United States & Canada records page. Click here to search the newspaper database.

It covers the entire United States and contains 35 cities, 154 newspapers and over 7 million articles for New York State alone. Click here to read a guide to searching newspapers on Findmypast.


PERSI: Periodical Source Index

The Periodical Source Index (PERSI) is the largest subject index to genealogy and local history periodical articles in the world. 

Created, maintained and expanded by the Allen County Public Library (ACPL), PERSI is a valuable resource for genealogists and family historians.

Recently, Findmypast and the ACPL have been working together to digitize images of indexed publications, and those are available online at Findmypast. 

Read this article to learn more about PERSI and how to use it successfully.

Click here to search PERSI.


Claim your free account: Click here to view and activate your Findmypast voucher


Upgrade to Premium

NYG&B members who wish to access all records on Findmypast - including those from the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand - can upgrade to a Premium membership for a 63% discount. To do so, sign in to your NYG&B account here, and navigate to the Findmypast voucher code section for this special discount code.