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The NYG&B Record: Every Name Index

This collection allows you to search an every-name index to The Record. This is a database that contains every name included in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society's journal, The Record, from 1870 to 2014. Indexed entries typically include event type, event year, the name of the article the name and event is found in, and alternate names (if applicable). Click here to view this collection.

The NYG&B Record: Full-text Search 

This collections allows you to perform a full-text search that includes every issue of The Record. All digitized files in this collection have gone through Optical Character Recognition, allowing researchers an alternate method of searching that can be used in conjunction with the every name index. This collection provides superior results for researchers searching by locations or other keywords that are not names. Click here to view this collection.  

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Collection Title Collection Category Location Collection Type More Info
Westchester County Religious Records Religious Records Westchester County Text View description
Transcribed genealogy records from churches in Westchester County, New York. Researchers can search these records by text and can browse digital images. The collection page contains a complete list of all congregations available, including waypoint links to images from each church. Read More
WPA Historical Records Survey - New York State Research Volumes Research Aids All NY Counties Image Browse View description
The Historical Records Survey Project was an ambitious attempt at hiring unemployed clergy members, researchers, historians, teachers and lawyers. This helped assemble historical records that were intrinsic to government and vital records from churches. Part of this initiative, was creating inventories of ecclesiastical records of every church in every state. Read More
Wyoming County Cemetery Records Cemetery Wyoming County Image Browse View description
Transcribed gravestone inscriptions from cemeteries in Wyoming County, New York. Researchers can browse digital images of these records, but they cannot currently be searched. The collection page contains a complete list of all cemeteries available, including waypoint links to view images from each cemetery. Read More