The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society has been gathering materials related to New York families. Our online collections include original, transcribed, and abstracted records from a variety of sources. Formerly known as the NYG&B eLibrary, the new Online Records Platform provides more efficient access to New York’s records for members of the NYG&B and those tracing ancestors from New York. 

The Online Records Platform is generously supported by donations from individual NYG&B members and organizations who recognize the importance of preserving – and making accessible – New York records. 

In order to provide access to materials as effectively as possible, collections are accessible in three formats: 


Indexed collections have been made searchable by name and are often linked to a specific image. Examples of Indexed collections include The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record and the New York Biographical Index (Pohl Index).  

Text & Image 

Collections available in this category include materials that have been indexed through automated processes. These often include published books, record abstracts, and other printed resources. Over time, materials in this category will be more fully indexed. A keyword search will often reveal additional results not found through other methods. 

Image Browse 

Collections that have not been indexed in any manner are available as browseable image collections. These materials include recently released indexed, handwritten collections, and other similar materials.  

Do you know of a collection you would like to see added to our online collections? Let us know at