New York State Family History Conference Help & FAQ


Can I still register for the conference?

Yes! Registration is still open and passes for NYSFHC @ Home are available online. Join us for a livestream of the conference and watch more than 40 sessions on-demand! Please email for further information.

Register for the NYSFHC @ Home Pass!

How do I access the livestream?

Once you've registered and have signed in, select "Livestream" from the conference menu. Please note that the feed will begin shortly before the session begins.

How do I sign in? 

Click “Log in” on the upper right-hand side of your screen. Use your NYG&B username and password to sign in and then navigate to

Can I change my pass from NYSFHC @ Home to an in-person ticket?  

Yes! If you would like to join us in person and have already purchased a NYSFHC @ Home pass, please call us at (212) 755-8532 for further information. 

You will be charged the difference between your NYSFHC @ Home pass and the current NYSFHC pass price.

I am registered to attend in Albany, but can’t make it, what do I do?

You have full access to NYSFHC @ Home, including the Albany livestream and all on-demand sessions. Simply login to your NYG&B account and go to  to watch!

Where can I learn more about the conference hotel and travel to Albany?

NYSFHC 2022 is being held at the Albany Hilton. You can learn more about the venue and travel options by clicking here.

I am having trouble with my sound or video.

First, ensure your microphone and other devices are plugged in and turned on. Next, you may wish to refresh the page or close and re-open the window—this often resolves the issue. If you continue to experience problems, email  

How do I ask questions during the livestream sessions? 

Use the online chat function to the right of the video player. Enter your name to begin chatting. Place a “Q” in front of your question for the speaker. As time allows near the end of a session, the moderator will ask questions from the chat (and those in-person). 

How do I connect with speakers or other attendees? 

Visit the Conference Forum for threads relating to specific sessions, research interests, and other topics. You can also chat with other conference attendees during the livestream.

How can I view closed captioning? 

Click the “CC” option on the lower right portion under the video. 

How do I access the online Expo Space? 

Click “Expo Space” from the conference menu. You can also interact with exhibitors in the Conference Forum. 

How can I access the conference syllabus?

Once you've registered and have signed in, select "Syllabus" from the conference menu to view and download the digital syllabus or order a printed copy.

Can I still view the conference brochure?

Yes! You can click here to view the brochure for the conference.

How do I access the on-demand sessions? 

Access to on-demand sessions is available from the “Schedule.” 

I missed a livestream session; how can I still watch? 

Recordings of all livestream sessions will be available to registrants by September 16, 2022.  

When will I be able to access on-demand sessions? 

Access to on-demand sessions begins September 12, 2022. 

Will I have access to conference materials and recordings following the conference? 

Access to on-demand sessions, the Conference Forum, and the Expo Space ends October 17, 2022.

Can I view the conference from more than one device or change devices during the day?  

Yes, conference viewing is available on tablets, computers, and phones. When you need to go mobile, the site is designed to adapt. And you can view from more than one device.  

What events can I enjoy during the conference? 

If you’re joining us in person, you can enjoy lunches, receptions, and social events with other researchers in Albany! If you’re joining from home, you can also participate in events like New York Stories Night and trivia during the conference livestream. Click here to learn more about the events at NYSFHC 2022.

Who is speaking at the conference? 

We are joined by more than 30 experts on New York, family history, genealogy, and more! To learn more about the speakers, you can read about them in the syllabus, on session pages, or click here to read more.