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A Selected Bibliography for Female Lineage Research and Women's Research

Books and Periodicals

  • AndrewsWilliam L., ed. Journeys in New Worlds: Early American Women's Narratives [E 187.5 J68]
  • Beale, Irene A. Genesee Valley...
Bibliography, Female Lineage Research, Women's History
A Selected Bibliography for German Research

Instructional Books and Guides to Sources

  • 1993 Updated Addresses to German Repositories: German Archives, Genealogical Societies, Historical Societies [Germany G 2.121]...
Bibliography, German
A Selected Bibliography for Hispanic Research

Instructional Books and Guides to Sources

  • Byers, Paula K, ed. Hispanic American Genealogical Sourcebook [CS 21 B93]
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ...
Bibliography, Hispanic
A Selected Bibliography for Immigration and Naturalization Research



  • Anuta, Michael J. Ships of Our Ancestors [VM 381 A58]
  • Barkai, Avraham Branching out: German-Jewish immigration to...
Bibliography, Naturalization, Immigration
A Selected Bibliography for Irish Research

Instructional Books and Guides to Sources

  • Begley, Donal F. Handbook of Irish Genealogy [Ireland G 5.1]
  • Begley, Donal F. Irish Genealogy: a...
Bibliography, Irish
A Selected Bibliography for Italian Research

Books and Periodicals

  • 1870: Europeans in the U.S. Federal Census [CENSUS INDEXES 1870 COMP. DISK]
  • Carmack, Sharon DeBartolo Italian-American...
Bibliography, Italian
A Selected Bibliography for Jewish Research

Instructional Books and Guides to Sources

  • 1998 Cemetery Project [CS 434 A87 Comp. Disk]
  • Blatt, Warren FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about...
Bibliography, Jewish
A Selected Bibliography for New York State Cemetery Research

General Guides

  • The Association of Municipal Historians of New York State New York State Cemeteries Name/Location Inventory [N.Y. G 12.815]
  • Church...
Cemetery All NY Counties
A Selected Bibliography for Scandinavian Research

In the United States

  • Clay, Jehu Curtis Annals of the Swedes on the Delaware [Del. G 11.5]
  • Collin, Nicholas The Journal and Biography of...
Bibliography, Scandinavian
A Selected Bibliography for Scottish Research

General/How To

  • Campbell, R.G. Scotch-Irish Family Research Made Easy [E 184 S4 C35]
  • Cory, Kathleen Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry [Scot....
Bibliography, Scots and Scots-Irish