Summer Construction at the NYG&B 

We are excited to announce that this summer construction work has been happening at the NYG&B’s headquarters in NYC. We are making physical enhancements to our space in order to meet the needs of our constituents.  

Interest in the NYG&B has risen in the past five years. Our website,, welcomes millions of visitors each year, thousands of whom also participate in educational programs and hands-on experiences.

Membership grew exponentially in 2020, reaching its highest point in our history, and includes individuals and organizations from every state in the United States and numerous other countries. As membership increased, so did participation in the NYG&B's online activities, with nearly 15,000 individuals attending webinars and engaging in discussions with guest experts on dozens of topics. 

Enhancing Our Headquarters

As our community and membership expand, so must our abilities to preserve and share New York's records, provide exceptional online and in-person educational programming, and support our growing community. As we look to the future, our headquarters must expand its online and in-person services. 

This project will deliver four modifications and improvements to the NYG&B's headquarters: 

  • Recording Center and Conference Room 
  • Digitization Center 
  • Education Center 
  • Reception and Team Areas 

Click here to see NYG&B President Josh Taylor talk about each of these areas as he gives you a virtual tour of the construction in progress. 

These enhancements to the NYG&B's physical headquarters will offer a dynamic center of collaboration and gathering for our community.

With these improvements, we will be able to complement and accelerate our current activities, streamline the process of preserving New York's records, maximize the efforts of staff and volunteers, solidify our role as a leader in New York's family history community, and present the highest caliber in-person and online programs. 

How can you take part? 

A few years ago the NYG&B was fortunate to receive a bequest from the estate of Genevieve Lanyon and $50,000 will be used as a match for donations made to this project.

Any donation made to this project will be matched 100%. $5 becomes $10; $25 becomes $50, $50 becomes $100, and so forth. Give today and your donation will make double the impact on this critical project.