Enhancing Our Headquarters

Enhancing Our Headquarters

A project to expand our capacity to preserve, document, and share the stories of New York families.

The NYG&B’s main offices are under construction—bringing enhancements to better serve our members and preserve more New York records.


Our matching fund will double your impact.

We have already raised 70% of the funds needed for the project, which enabled us to begin construction a few months ago. However, we need your help to get us the rest of the way!

Thanks to a bequest to the NYG&B from the estate of Genevieve Lanyon, the NYG&B is able to offer up to $50,000 in matching funds to support this project.

If you give $25, your gift becomes $50.

If you give $50, your gift becomes $100.

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Our Planned Enhancements

This project will deliver four modifications and improvements to the NYG&B's headquarters:

These enhancements to the NYG&B's physical headquarters will offer a dynamic center of collaboration and gathering for our community. With these improvements, we will be able to complement and accelerate our current activities, streamline the process of preserving New York's records, maximize the efforts of staff and volunteers, solidify our role as a leader in New York's family history community, and present the highest caliber in-person and online programs.

Educational Programming: A Central Focus

We're excited to offer expanded seating for in-person events and the ability to
livestream them to audiences worldwide.

Our new Education Center will be a space for in-person and online experiences.

As the NYG&B continues to offer services within the immediate New York City area, it is essential to ensure that programming is available to those who cannot attend in person.

Transformations to the existing space include new technology—enabling livestream broadcasts (ensuring that activities are easy to share online) and seating for up to 45 onsite program participants.

Improved sound, lighting, and other updates will enable the NYG&B to offer a hub for genealogical education.

Flexible furniture will allow the Education Center to be used in various ways, including large meetings, livestreamed programs, and overflow digitization projects.

Partner organizations will also be able to hold meetings and educational programs in the Education Center and stream them live to their communities at home.

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Our new center will have permanent workstations, high-tech
equipment, and capacity for more volunteers working at once. 

More Online Records

Our new Digitization Center will bolster the NYG&B's digitization capability by at least 50%

Thousands of record sets await digitization, representing millions of pages and countless New York stories.

The new onsite Digitization Center will increase the NYG&B's digitization capabilities exponentially, enabling us to pursue new collections for preservation.

The Digitization Center will include:

  • Three dedicated digitization stations, each equipped to handle specific types of materials, & two mobile digitization stations (for community projects)
  • A CopiBook OS A2 scanner with LIMB Suite software, resulting in less time to capture and process images (reducing the average time spent per image from 2.75 minutes to 40 seconds)
  • Improved workspace and adjustable desks, reducing setup time, establishing proper control for natural lighting, and allowing the team to work more efficiently and complete more projects
  • LIMB Suite software that automatically crops, rotates, and improves images, streamlining the process while also significantly increasing quality

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We're looking forward to bringing you more online
programming in 2021 and beyond!

Recording Center

Our new studio will deliver exceptional educational content worldwide

The NYG&B's New York City headquarters supports an online community of thousands throughout the United States and the world.

More than 70% of NYG&B's members reside outside of New York.

In the coming months and years, the NYG&B will engage in even more relevant online and in-person programming.

As we seek to broaden our ability to develop and deliver future educational programming, a formal Recording Center and Conference Room will serve as a dedicated space to broadcast and record lectures, meetings, and other activities.

Enhancements will include:

  • Professional-quality cameras and microphones to capture 4K video & clear audio
  • Stage lighting for consistent & professional-level visuals
  • Features to optimize natural light & control sound for an optimal recording environment
  • Seating for single-person or group broadcasts
  • Features to allow space for meetings & discussions

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Reception and Team Areas

Harnessing the power of people and connections

The NYG&B headquarters supports thousands of members and other constituents each year.

A mix of remote and in-person team members balances the many needs of the NYG&B, including programs and services, customer support, publications, online resources (including online collections), and records advocacy.

Modifications to the existing physical space will increase efficiencies in internal operations while providing a pathway for continued growth. Changes to the NYG&B team's work area will be made with flexibility in mind, allowing the NYG&B to add new collections online and interact with members and constituents every day.

A new reception area will offer a formal welcome to members, volunteers, patrons, partners, and others who visit in person.

The space will also provide a friendly, professional, and secure process for those attending educational programs, using the NYG&B's online FamilySearch Affiliate Library access, or learning more about the organization.

The area also offers an opportunity for volunteers and others to greet and welcome visitors.

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