How to Activate Your Access to NYG&B Online Records

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 11:30am

A benefit of membership in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society is access to our online records, many of which cannot be accessed anywhere else online. 

Most of these records are hosted by our partner, Findmypast, on their website Society members access our collections by completing a one-time activation process, which is outlined below. 

In addition to accessing all NYG&B collections on Findmypast, society members get free access to all North American records, as well as U.K. and Irish census records on Findmypast. Read our overview of bonus Findmypast records open to NYG&B members for more information. 


How members can activate their access to online records 

NYG&B members need to complete a one-time activation process by following these simple steps: 

  1. Click here to log in to your account, and then click the link that reads "Members click here to activate your access to online records"
  2. Copy your voucher code and click the activation link in the instructions 
  3. Paste in your voucher code when prompted

If you already have an existing account on Findmypast, sign in to make sure the voucher is applied to your account. If you have never had an account on Findmypast before, you have the opportunity to create a new one. 

After following these steps, you will have access to all NYG&B records, and all Findmypast records are accessible with your NYG&B membership

If you would like some guidance or are having trouble, please watch the video below and follow the steps exactly: 


Learn more about NYG&B online records

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