Worden's Every Name Index to The Record

Worden's Every Name Index to The Record is a database that contains every name included in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society's journal, The Record, from 1870 to 2015. 

The Record is the second oldest genealogical journal in the county - its pages include some of the finest scholarship ever done on New York Families, as well as record set transcriptions, biographical sketches, and articles on methodology. There are well over 1 million names in the 148 complete volumes of The Record.


How to use this search engine

Search a given name (first name) and/or family name (last name) to see if it appears in The Record. The left-most results in the row for each name indicate the volume and page number that the name appears on.

Keep in mind that the page number here refers to the page number in the actual issue of The Record, not the image number within the image set in the eLibrary. 

While this index is free and open to the public, only NYG&B members can access images in the full digital archive of The Record, found in our eLibrary. 

Once you have found a name, navigate to The Record archive and select "browse" - input the volume that the name appears in, and estimate which issue it is based on the page number (volumes are numbered continuously). For a full explanation, read finding a Record article from a citation on our blog. 


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