Webinar: Using newyorkfamilyhistory.org

Our website, newyorkfamilyhistory.org, has many resources that can help you discover your New York family history. In this webinar, we take a tour of the website and demonstrate how members and non-members can take advantage of our expertise.

This is the perfect webinar for anyone new to the site, whether you are a brand new member, or someone just getting started researching your New York story. 

Remember, only NYG&B members gain access to our full array of resources - join today

At the end of the webinar, you will know how to:

  • Find and use the many free resources available to members and non-members
  • Browse and search the digital record sets in our eLibrary
  • Find expert-authored articles in our New York Knowledge Base
  • View webinars, use the forum, and use the events calendar. 

Click here to download the handout