Peoples of New York Webinars

Beginning Your African American Genealogy Journey 

Join Kenyatta Berry for a 45-minute webinar on beginning African American Genealogy. Kenyatta will discuss breaking down the 1870 Brick wall, Enslaved Genealogy, Reconstruction, DNA and sharing your story. Attendees will walk away with resources for African American Genealogy, understand the impact of slavery on discovering your ancestry and how DNA can help in your research. Watch the webinar

The African American Experience in Three of New York’s Southern Tier Counties, 1803–1960 

The African American experience in the rural “Southern Tier” counties of western New York State is largely unexplored. Using his own extended family as a case study, Dr. Biddle will document and describe that experience from the region’s first European settlement in the early 1800s through the 1950s when social and economic forces led to the departures of many to urban centers to the north and west. Watch the webinar.

Researching African Americans in the Mid-Hudson Valley 

Using the example of her research of an extended African-American family who lived in the mid-Hudson Valley, Joan will discuss various techniques and sources that can be used to research New Yorkers who weren’t the head of household (so not in the census until 1850), probably didn’t own land, and rarely had a gravestone. Watch the webinar.

Examining African American Migrations

Join an exploration of African American migrations large and small, along with many of the factors that spurred movement. Armed with a better understanding of African American migrations, researchers can increase their ability to explain inexplicable moves and solve lingering mysteries. Watch the webinar.

The Joys and Challenges of Chinese American Research

The Chinese Exclusion Act, in effect from 1882 to 1943, made it difficult for Chinese to immigrate to America but also created a myriad of documents, many stored in the National Archives, which help genealogists. This session provides an introduction to these and many other resources in the U.S. and China. Watch the webinar.

German Records Online 

Searching for German-speaking ancestors is undergoing a paradigm shift in which the resources of Ancestry, FamilySearch and European-based are all major players and German church records are being digitized. Learn about the many websites that can help you break down brick walls and find the villages of origin for your ancestors! Watch the webinar.

German Names and Naming Patterns

The naming patterns and quirks that are found in German names range from needing to "look in the middle" for first names to dealing with families who used the identical name for surviving children. This presentation demystifies these and other potential problems. Watch the webinar.

An Introduction to Researching Hispanic Ancestry 

This overview lecture covers foundational concepts common to those with ancestors from countries colonized by Spain, and key U.S. records and strategies for identifying their Latin American hometown. It also reviews the main online record collections for conducting Hispanic research. Watch the webinar

Using Your DNA to Connect to Your Irish Roots

Y-DNA is used for surname research. Autosomal DNA connects you with cousins on all your ancestral lines. Using case studies, Maurice will show you how to use DNA to break through Brick Walls in your own genealogical research. Watch the webinar

Innovation in Ireland: Creative Resources for Your Irish Research

Irish genealogy is notoriously difficult, so researchers must apply creative tools and techniques - as well as use creative records - to obtain positive results. Explore a variety of routes through Irish family history and learn more about the collections available on Findmypast and elsewhere. Watch the webinar.

Irish Church Records: Church of Ireland, Presbyterian & Catholic

This webinar combines information about the time period, content and record availability of records for the three major religions in Ireland - Catholic, Church of Ireland and Presbyterian. Additional information on some of the non-conformist sects is also included. Watch the webinar.

Jewish Genealogy 101 

This talk gives a comprehensive overview of genealogy resources available for Jewish genealogy. The presentation will include online sources and documents not yet online for both the United States and Europe; she will also cover some basic knowledge critical to researching one's Jewish roots. Watch the webinar.

Genealogy Resources at the Center for Jewish History 

Learn the basic genealogy resources specific to the Center for Jewish History (the building that includes YIVO, American Sephardi Federation, AJHS, and Leo Baeck) and research tools that our staff colleagues have created to look through records or material online. Watch the webinar.

Making the Most of Online Sources for Scottish Family History 

This presentation will provide a guide to the most useful online resources for Scottish Family history research. Michelle will explain how to get the most out of each resource and include lots of hints, tips, and practical examples to help you explore the lives and times of your Scottish ancestors. Watch the webinar.

An Introduction to ScotlandsPeople 

Learn about the wealth of documents searchable through ScotlandsPeople, including the kirk session and other church court records from the Church of Scotland, which are now available to view online for the first time. Watch the webinar

All the Scottish Genealogy Sources You Didn’t Know You Needed to Know 

Bruce Durie, PhD, BSc (Hons), OMLJ, FCollT, FIGRS, FHEA, QG, is considered one of Scotland's top genealogists, with an international reputation in researching, lecturing, writing, and broadcasting. This is a recording of a live lecture, which took place at the NYG&B offices in New York. Watch the webinar.