Getting Started Webinars

Before You Click: Developing an Online Research Plan

Eager to make your online research more effective? Examine ways to sort, organize, and prepare for your time spent online – including preparing to research at commercial websites, genealogical society databases, and other online collections. Watch the webinar.

Five New York Genealogy Records to Find 

Are you starting on New York genealogy research? View this webinar to learn about five records that can set you on the path to success. Learn about the records and where to find them. Also covered—steps to take when a record can’t be found. This webinar is designed for someone beginning their genealogy research in New York State. Watch the webinar.

How to Find NY State Death Certificates

When and where did my New York ancestor die? Often this is the first research question we ask. Learn when and where to find a death certificate for an ancestor from New York from the late-1800s to the 1960s. Watch the webinar.

Starting Your Family History Journey in Four Steps 

Ready to start tracing your family history? Explore four steps you can take to begin exploring your ancestors. This webinar will cover the fundamentals of research, essential records (and where to find them), and other things you should know. Watch the webinar.

Using New York City's Free Records

Take advantage of free records and resources—when you know where to look. Join Susan R. Miller, the NYG&B’s Director of Programs and Publications, to discover both online and onsite sources openly available to everyone. Watch the webinar.