New York Researcher

The New York Researcher is a colorful quarterly that is a benefit of membership in the NYG&B. Covered subjects include informative articles on New York genealogy, news, book reviews, announcements, and NYG&B programs.

Once known as The NYG&B Newsletter, the Researcher was founded by Henry Hoff and Harry Macy in 1990.

In the digital archive of the New York Researcher, you will find:

  • Lists of NYG&B members
  • NYG&B News
  • Helpful articles about records, repositories, research methods and more 

This archive contains every issue published between 1990 and the current day - each is text searchable. 

Collection Category: Periodicals|Collection Type: OCR|Location: All NY Counties

Feature Articles

The feature articles of the New York Researcher have made it a particularly useful research tool for New York genealogists. These articles cover topics such as

  • Descriptions of sources for New York genealogy, such as probate, church, and census records.
  • Descriptions of holdings of other New York State libraries and record repositories.
  • "How to" articles on New York genealogical research, both statewide and for particular counties or cities, religious or ethnic groups, or time periods.
  • Lists of accounts of New York families "hidden" in multi-family works, manuscript collections, and periodicals.
  • Articles on New York families published in other periodicals, past and present.

Suggested Citation

New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, "New York Researcher (formerly NYG&B Newsletter) Digital Archive” digital images, New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, (, 2019.

Submitting Material to the New York Researcher

If you have a story idea for the New York Researcher, or would like to write an article, note, or book review, or have a book to submit for a book review in the New York Researcher, please see the New York Researcher article submission guidelines, then contact the editor.