New York Genealogical and Biographical Society

Since our inception, our society's archivists, volunteers, and professional genealogists have contributed their effort and skill to transcribe, index, and more recently, digitize crucial historical documents that make up the building blocks of New York's family stories. We continuously seek out new records to digitize and make available. Our website,, offers a gateway to thousands of resources and more than two million records going back as far as the 1600s, documenting New York history. NYG&B's tradition of educational programming has been a prominent feature of our activities for more than 150 years. Each year NYG&B hosts a series of educational programs, including lectures, book talks, hands-on workshops, webinars, research tours, and conferences that offer a mix of experiences exploring the rich history and heritage of New York. As the most authoritative source for the history of New York families and families with New York connections, we engage with thousands of individuals each year through our collections, programs, and educational activities. We have a growing community of more than 25,000 constituents from all socioeconomic backgrounds with a common desire to discover their ancestors, be inspired by them, and give them a voice. Among them are genealogists, biographers, historians, students, and educational and nonprofit organizations.