Schmidt family NYC ca. 1851-1854

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Schmidt family NYC ca. 1851-1854

Seeking advice for finding the few records a German Lutheran family may have left in NYC in the short time they resided there, probably about 1851 to 1854. The family came in two waves, the first about 1851 and the second arriving 14 May 1852. Although they only stayed in NYC for 3-4 years before moving west to Illinois, the following events are said to have occurred there:

  • Marriage of Conrad Schmidt and Marie Elizabeth Prinz about 1851 NYC
  • Baptism of Sebastian Schmidt, son of Conrad Schmidt and Marie Elizabeth Prinz, born on or about 7 Jan 1852 NYC
  • Baptism of Anna Margaretha Schmidt, daughter of Johan Sebastian Schmidt and Annie Katherine Martin, born on or about 26 Jun 1852 NYC
  • (perhaps occurred in NYC, but may have died between there and Illinois) Death of Conrad Schmidt [Sr.] born 29 Nov 1793; d. between 14 May 1852 (when arrived in NYC) and 1 August 1860 (when spouse appeared as a widow in the census)

The family missed the 1850 federal and 1855 state census for New York, although both were reviewed to be certain. They arrived in some of the peak years of the German immigration to the U.S. after the Revolutions of 1848. Their exact residence in NYC is unknown, but they may have lived in the Kleindeutschland (Little Germany) community on Manhattan’s Lower East Side (see p. 172 of NY Family History Research Guide & Gazetteer)

Have reviewed “The German Churches of Metropolitan NY:A Research Guide” by Richard Haberstroh and Lutheran Records of NYC (Manhattan) by Harry Macy, Jr. which suggest St. Matthew’s records may be a location to begin the search. The online and FHL records available for St. Matthew’s end far too early to include these dates from the 1850s. The NYPL appears to have microfilms of the later records, but I am in NH and not NYC.

Can anyone recommend another method for accessing the St. Matthew’s records for the early 1850s or another avenue for finding records for this family for these few years in NYC?

Thank you