Mi Gente Estuvo Aqui También (My People Were Here Too)

Tuesday, June 06 from 03:00pm EDT - 04:00pm EDT
Presented By Irisneri Alicea Flores

This is a free, online event held via Zoom.

Many members of the Latino diaspora are not aware of the plethora of resources available to connect them to their history. As the Puerto Rican diaspora made its way to the U.S. mainland, it was—and continues to be—normal for people to experience a breakdown in physical connections to one’s family as a result of geographical distance. For many, the focus shifted to providing for basic family needs. But the heart of the diaspora has endured and a sense of patria (connection to one’s homeland) is ever-present.

Although there are many reasons why one would hesitate to initiate genealogical research, one prevalent misconception is that the needed resources simply do not exist. Another common misconception is that genealogical research requires more expertise than the average person has and, thus, there is no workable pathway to discovering their family history.

This lecture will help people understand that relevant information about their ancestors is available and to teach participants methods of discovering their own familial history, particularly those with Latino heritage. The presenter will guide attendees to the resources that are available to them at little to no cost and will teach participants how to do their research and begin work on their family tree.

About the Presenter: Irisneri Alicea Flores

Irisneri is a professional genealogist with expertise in the Latin diaspora. Like many professional genealogists, Irisneri got started researching her own family history. After listening to the stories of her maternal Abuelitos, who grew up in Puerto Rico in the 1940s and moved to New York City in the 1950s, Irisneri decided it was time to start the search. Throughout her years of research, she learned more about the history of Puerto Rico. She then started to share her knowledge with others and saw firsthand the gift of watching someone connect with their ancestors. Now, Irisneri dedicates her life to helping others along their path of discovery, thereby empowering them and helping them to heal through the knowledge of their family history.

Irisneri Alicea Flores

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This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

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