Empire State Exploration—Central New York

Monday, October 10 - Thursday, October 13
Sponsored by the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society

Our popular Empire State Exploration digs into Central New York, showing you more ways to uncover your New York ancestors. From the comfort of your home with a very small group (registration is limited), this immersive program includes individual consultations, discussions of research techniques, and social experiences with fellow researchers to advance your Central New York research.  

Whether you are just beginning New York research or seeking to answer longstanding New York research questions, our New York experts can help. Plus, this program can prepare you for onsite research in the future. 

A personal, one-on-one check-in prior to the program will jumpstart your search. And you will get additional personal advice from New York-expert genealogists during the program. Participants will also get to know the NYG&B team along the way. 

This experience focuses on tracing ancestors from Central New York, including Madison, Oneida, Onondaga, the canal region, and more. 



  • Check in with NYG&B staff 

October 10 (late morning/afternoon ET) 

  • Introductory Session: An orientation to New York State (and New York City) research repositories  
  • Online Social with introductions/areas of research 
  • Session: Researching Across the State: Survey of Repositories 

October 11 

  • Session: Research within a county, including land records 
  • Session with Madison County Historian, Matthew Urtz 
  • Session on Cayuga with Thomas W. Jones 
  • All day opportunities for individual research; consultant available  
  • End of the day online Social 

October 12 

  • Chat with the NYG&B Team (publications, member services, and more) 
  • Session: Central New York’s Onondaga County Public Library collections by Holly Sammons  
  • Session: NYG&B collections for Central New York 
  • All day opportunities for individual research; consultant available  
  • End of the day online Social   

October 13 

  • Chat with the NYG&B Team (NYG&B Online Collections, website, and more)  
  • Session: canal expert Pamela Vittorio  
  • All day opportunities for individual research; consultant available 
  • Online Q&A/discussion with the consultants and experts 
  • Exploring The Record and NYFHRGG 
  • Online social and wrap up 

* Schedule subject to change 


Is Empire State Exploration a genealogical conference or institute?

No, it is an intimate, “hang out with other researchers” program. The sessions are more free-flowing than conferences or webinars, with the ability to ask questions during most presentations. The program is flexible and can add content relevant to the researchers. There are also ample opportunities to visit “breakout rooms” that will allow you to speak with experts and researchers about specific topics of interest.  

What makes Empire State Exploration different from a seminar or series of webinars?

Our experts are available for individual questions and research guidance throughout the program. Time is planned between sessions to do individual research and immediately out into practice techniques learned. And then come back for follow up questions.  

Why is there a pre-program check in?

The check in allows us to learn about your research goals and pair you with the best New York expert for your individual consultation. 

What if “online fatigue” sets in during the program?

Not a problem at all! Feel free to stop your video and mute, to go top off your coffee or tea and take a break. Most sessions are available on-demand for several weeks after the program. 


Registration $595 

Member registration $495 

Early member registration $455 (through September 16) 

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