Conferences and Seminars

Connect with the NYG&B at conferences, seminars, and other events across the United States.

In addition to hosting a series of events, including the popular New York State Family History Conference, the NYG&B also participates in a number of conferences and seminars across the United States. 

We love to see and hear from our members from across the country, so if you're planning to attend any genealogy conferences this year, see where you can find your favorite New York experts. 


Upcoming Events:

NGS 2018 Conference

Grand Rapids, Michigan, May 2 - 5, 2018.

The NYG&B will be at "Paths to Your Past,"  the NGS 2018 Family History Conference at the DeVos Place conference center.

NYG&B-sponsored lectures on Saturday, May 5 (conference registration required):

  • Colonial Research: New York and Dutch by William T. Ruddock
    S402: Early colonization of what is now New York State resulted in challenges which can be overcome through understanding the available records.
  • Trace Your 18th and 19th Century Midwest Ancestors Back to New York by Terry Koch-Bostic
    S412: Records say “Born in NY” but where? Using migration routes from 1750 to 1850, travel backwards to find records that uncover your NY ancestor’s origins.
  • Three Keys to New York: State Censuses, NY Public Library, and NYG&B’s Vast Collections by Susan R. Miller
    S422: Learn to uncover the secrets of New York state censuses, the breadth of NYPL nationwide holdings, and NYGB’s extensive research guides and databases.
  • Finding Their Routes: Travelers and Boatmen on the North American Canals by Pamela J. Vittorio
    S442: An overview of migration patterns of travelers and boatmen of the North American Canals reflected in available online and archival resources.
  • Afloat or Ashore: Tracing and Tracking Erie Canal Workers, 1817–1918 by Pamela J. Vittorio
    S452: An exploration of the available online and archival resources offers great detail on the lives of canal workers from the 19th to early 20th centuries.

Here are some ways you can connect with us:

  • Visit us in the exhibit hall at booth 400 (free and open to the public - closes 3 p.m. Saturday)

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