The Spring/Summer Issue of the NY Researcher Is Out

The latest issue of the NYG&B member magazine, the New York Researcher is out—NYG&B members can expect a print copy in the mail soon and can read the issue online right away. 

Each Researcher issue features a letter from NYG&B President D. Joshua Taylor. Read below for this issue's letter from Josh in its entirety, as well as a table of contents highlighting all of the useful and interesting articles.

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From the President

Dear Friends,

So much has changed in the world since we first planned the Spring 2020 issue of the New York Researcher. Adjustments to the NYG&B’s activities, including In-person programming, a free webinar series, and finding ways to continue serving our community through technology, have been at the forefront of our operations. We appreciate and respect those on the frontline of the COVID-19 outbreak. The impact of the pandemic touches everyone—and will continue to do so for the near future.

At a time when flexibility is critical, the NYG&B’s hallmark event, The New York State Family History Conference, is undergoing a few expansions. Registration for NYSFHC @ Home, a new all-digital experience, is open. You can read more about what to expect from NYSFHC in 2020 on page 13 of this issue. However, the creation of NYSFHC @ Home is just one of the NYG&B’s ongoing activities.

Exciting innovations continue to drive our work at the NYG&B. After more than 18 months of development, testing, and refinement, the new Online Records Platform is available for you to explore. This release marks the beginning of an exciting new NYG&B chapter here as we expand our online content while continuing our tradition of scholarly publications, programs, and finding new ways to preserve—and share—New York’s records.

As a critical resource for anyone tracing New York families, our new Online Records Platform offers immediate access to thousands of pages—and millions of names—throughout the state of New York. Thanks to your generous support, our investments in digitization projects will deliver a steady stream of new (often-unique) content throughout the year. Improvements in accessing The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record (The Record) include an enhanced name-index and full-text searching. These new features, combined with our previous projects from NYG&B, such as Mapping the Record, now represent the most accessible version of our hallmark publication.

The release of Tracing Immigrations through the Port of New York: Early National Period to 1924 allows new opportunities for those exploring millions of immigrants who passed through New York. This new publication, alongside new releases from Kinship Books and Marriage Notices from New York City Newspapers of the Early 1830s, provide new essential titles for your bookshelf. We remain hard at work on a genealogical guide to New York State Archives holdings and continue to publish a variety of new educational content at our website,

Our two successful research trips thus far in 2020, Empire State Exploration and the Salt Lake City Research Tour, brought together genealogists from across the country. Follow our eNews and website for information on the latest research trips, tours, online programs, and workshops.

A dedicated Board of Trustees, who devote their time and resources to propelling our mission forward, leads the NYG&B. Last month we recognized the retirement of two long-time Trustees, Mrs. Jeanne Sloane and Mr. Waddell Stillman. Both Mrs. Sloane and Mr. Stillman served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees during their long tenure, and each provided pivotal guidance for the organization at critical times in our recent history. We humbly thank them for their service and commitment to the NYG&B.

In addition to members of the Board of Trustees, the NYG&B’s hardworking team, enthusiastic volunteers, dedicated members, and supportive friends enable us to move our mission forward. Thank you for being a part of the NYG&B. Your support allows us to assist those discovering, sharing, and preserving New York’s stories.

With gratitude,


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Table of Contents

  • The Future of Family History
  • An Update on the New York Land Records Indexing Project
  • Six Next Steps from a U.S. Customs Passenger List 1820–1897 Record
  • Decorative Art with Genealogical Data, by McKelden Smith
  • Featured New York County: Steuben County (formed 1796)
  • 2020 New York State Family History Conference (Updates)
  • In Other Lines, by Jennifer Davis
  • NYC Municipal Archives: New Storage and Additional Research Room
  • New Access and Databases
  • Highlights of The Record
  • Highlights from our blog (
  • New York Articles from Beyond Our Boundaries, by Stanton Biddle, PhD
  • New On-demand Programs
  • In Memoriam: Edward H. L. Smith III
  • Research in Albany Tour 2020
  • Connecting with the NYG&B
  • NYG&B Volunteers’ Social in April

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