From Our Online Collections: The NYG&B Record

The second-oldest genealogical journal in the United States, The Record has as its goal the scholarly preservation of the history of families who have contributed to the rich diversity of what is now New York State. Here you will find accounts of New York documented by individuals and families and find that history is by all of its residents, rich and poor alike, and is not only shaped by its prominent citizens.

The Mission of The Record

Adhering to scholarly standards, The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record publishes written works that solve genealogical problems, provide compiled genealogies, make available transcriptions of original records, and offer research guidance relevant to families who have contributed to the rich diversity of what is now New York State.

As the largest body of work on New York families, The Record is an essential New York source for genealogists, historians, and biographers, as well as individuals researching their New York families. It is published four times a year, in January, April, July, and October and is a benefit of membership in the NYG&B; subscriptions to The Record are also available. NYG&B members also have online access to the complete 146-year run of The Record.

Every issue of The Record contains articles that preserve the history of the families and individuals who settled in New York. Those articles can include

  • solutions to difficult problems, such as identifying a spouse, parents, or another place of residence, with the associated genealogical summary;
  • compiled genealogies of families beginning with an immigrant (in any time period) and covering the initial generations in America;
  • compiled genealogies beginning with a later American generation, especially those that illustrate use of unusual sources;
  • documentation of the origins of New York families in foreign countries or other colonies or states, with the associated genealogical summary;
  • corrections or additions to a prior article in The Record;
  • transcriptions or abstracts of genealogically and/or historically relevant records.

The NYG&B Record is one of a handful of highly-respected, peer-reviewed genealogical publications in the country. Serious genealogists study its pages and footnotes to learn about families, sources, history, and genealogical problem-solving techniques. Whether or not the subject of an article is of direct interest in one’s own research, readers can improve their own genealogical knowledge and skills by studying its contents.

Members can view the most recent issue of The Record on our website, or browse the entire collection in our Online Records Platform.