From Our eLibrary: NYG&B Society Family Bibles


The NYG&B Family Bible Records is a collection featuring the genealogical information recorded in three family bibles donated to the NYG&B.  

This collection will supplement the family bible data found in our substantial American Bible Society Collection. For each bible, we have digitized a set of pages containing the title page, cover of the bible or letter from the previous owner, and the family record pages and any other pages where genealogical information was found.


The Kelley-Provoost Bible was donated by Marc W. Kelley.  The bible was printed in 1776, and the earliest genealogical entry is the marriage of Samuel Kelley and Johannah Provoost, on June 18, 1778.  Other births and deaths are recorded.

The Kelley- Brant Bible was also donated by Marc W. Kelley.  The bible was published in 1842, and the earliest genealogical entry in the ‘Family Record’ pages is the marriage of Augustus W. Kelley and Sarah Jane Brant on September 9, 1845.  Other family marriages, births, and deaths are also recorded.

The Haskell- Moore Bible was donated by Elizabeth Hofving Goodman.  The bible was published in 1869 and given to the first owner, Mary E. Haskell, from her father, Christmas of 1871, which is noted on the cover.  Inside the marriage of Mary E. Moore and Benjamin F. Haskell is recorded as being on February 6, 1871, and the birth of Eddie Haskell on October 29, 1873.