NYG&B visits the American Museum of Natural History’s Middle School Institute

Yesterday, on solar eclipse day, the NYG&B team were guest speakers for the American Museum of Natural History’s Middle School Institute.

The sixteen students are attending a two-week class, in which they learn the basics of genetics and then study their own genetic genealogy test results.

Part of their final project is to do their own genealogical research to bring the elements together.

The students have all interviewed family for critical information since the students who hailed from many parts of the globe:


A map showing the incredible journeys of the students' families. 

To kick-start their genealogy research, D. Joshua Taylor walked the class through the research process, beginning with a research question and plan, then the steps to take in answering those questions.

Famous people found in the 1940 federal census and some of Josh’s very distant relations wowed students.

Weaving together of genealogical research, family trees, and genetic testing followed in Susan R. Miller’s talk to the students.

One student’s great-grandparents were located in the 1940 federal census using name variant strategies—and the student beamed when the family group appeared (minus his grandmother who was born in December 1940).

Before heading into the class, the NYG&B team streamed a Facebook Live introduction.

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