NYG&B Sponsored Lectures at NGS 2016

On Thursday, May 5 in Fort Lauderdale at the National Genealogical Society's Family History Conference, you have the opportunity to hear five new lectures by New York experts.  The NYG&B is sponsoring the New York Research track and will have a booth in the exhibit hall.  Come to the booth for your member ribbon.  We will have books for purchase and copies of the most recent New York Researcher. The lectures are . . .

A Tour of New York State Genealogical Research Repositories: The Best—Part 1
Jane E. Wilcox (8:oo a.m.)
Explore the unique research resources and collections that are held by libraries, county archives, and historical and genealogical societies in New York State

A Tour of New York State Genealogical Research Repositories: The Best—Part 2
Jane E. Wilcox (9:30 a.m.) 
Continue to explore the unique New York State research resources and collections focusing on universities, ethnic societies, museums, military repositories, online holdings, and more.

The New York Family History Reference Shelf: Essential Print and Online Resources
Terry Koch-Bostic (11:00 a.m.)
Demystify your New York research by learning the about the important guides and references experienced NY researchers consult regularly. See these resources put into practice.

New York City and Long Island: Outstanding Research Repositories and Resources
Terry Koch-Bostic (2:30 p.m.)
The best research collections with genealogical value across NYC’s five boroughs and Long Island’s two counties will be highlighted, including the Municipal Archives and NYPL.

Albany, State Capital: Spotlight on New York State Archives and Library
Karen Mauer Jones, CG, FGBS (4:00 p.m)
This lecture will focus on the original records and exceptional resources held by Albany’s genealogy jewel: the New York State Library and Archives.

Also, join us for the luncheon (tickets required) to hear renowned Elizabeth Shown Mills and her talk"Lost Eyes, Whipping Posts, and Wife Swapping: Lessons from Yesteryear."

To attend one day or the entire four-day conference, register on the NGS conference website.