NYG&B Launches New Website


Today the NYG&B has launched a new version of our website, newyorkfamilyhistory.org.

This is the first update in a series of ongoing improvements, designed to deliver additional services to our members and all those tracing New York families. The site features updated access to the eLibrary, a new Members Forum and enhanced access to hundreds of articles and county guides through the New York Knowledge Base. You can learn more about the new website and its features here.

We’ve also formally launched an updated look for the NYG&B – one that encompasses our mission to preserve, document, and share the stories of families across the state of New York. The latest issue of the New York Researcher is currently winging its way through the mail – and should be at your doorstep momentarily. The issue features a new design, details on accessing and using the new website, and a celebration of New York’s 240th birthday. Can’t wait for your copy in the mail? Current members of the NYG&B can access the new issue online today.

Thank you to the members of the NYG&B team who spent countless hours over the past several months to move this project forward.  We are also extremely grateful to members of the Board of Trustees, our Family History Advisory Committee and other friends of the NYG&B who provided their insight during the process.

We invite you to send us your thoughts and comments on the new site.

Enjoy the new newyorkfamilyhistory.org!