Have you explored these indexes to The NYG&B Record?

Thursday, May 25, 2017 - 11:45am

It is well known that The Record is one of the most powerful collections accessible in the NYG&B eLibrary, and an essential source for anyone researching their New York State family. 

But did you know there are five indexes that will help you get even more out of this collection?

The journal has been published quarterly since 1870, so the archives of The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record contain nearly 150 years of:

  • Compiled genealogies
  • Record abstracts, including town and religious records
  • How-to articles
  • Case studies
  • Advanced methodology
  • Notices of life events, such as baptisms and marriages
  • State, county and local history

Researchers will benefit from the million-plus names contained in the pages of The Record, but that’s not all – reading an article written about the location, time period, or subject you’re researching can help you break through brick walls as you glean tips and tricks from the expert authors of this peer-reviewed publication.

Members of the NYG&B can search The Record by name or keyword, and can also browse issues by volume and year within the eLibrary. The NYG&B also has assembled six indexes - which are free and open to the public - that allow you to explore The Record in a variety of ways. Read our related blog article to find out how to track down articles in The Record from an index.

While only NYG&B members can view images of this prestigious publication, these indexes are available for anyone to search – if you’ve never explored The Record, these indexes are the perfect jumping-off point!



The Record Map Search interface allows you to search an index of articles in 
and view the New York State locations related to the results. Try it out

The Record Map Search

This new tool was developed by an NYG&B Labs team, and provides a whole new way to search and visualize articles in The Record.

With The Record Map Search, you can search an index of articles in The Record and view the New York State locations related to the results returned by your search.

Our team has created a new index which assignes a location field to each article.

Each article in The Record has been assigned a relevant location or locations - locations have been determined by article title, and/or the location of vital events related to the main individual or family covered in the article.

At the moment, all articles from 1970 - 2018 are included in this index. We will be periodically adding data to this search engine as the index nears completion.  

This tool will allow researchers to zero in on a specific New York State town, city, or county and easily find all record set transcriptions, compiled genealogies, case studies, and other articles about that specific location in New York State.

Researchers can follow alongside professionals and experts as they research in the location of interest, noting record sets, important contextual information, and methodological approaches to help their own research. 

This project is currently available to beta test on https://labs.newyorkfamilyhistory.org/.


Worden’s Name Index    

This index, the bulk of which was compiled by Mrs. Jean D. Worden, contains more than one million names that have appeared in The Record from 1870 to 2016. Mrs. Worden compiled all names up to 1998, and since then, the index is added to every year by NYG&B staff and volunteers.

This index now exists as a search engine, available for anyone to use on our website. This index is particularly useful when searching for a name that is also a common word, such as Brown or Farmer. The search results supply the volume and page number(s) the name appears on.


Worden’s Subject Index (1870-1982)

An example of some articles related to the American

Also created by Mrs. Jean Worden (originally published in 1983), this PDF is a subject index to articles from The Record published between 1870 and 1982. This massive document contains many names, but only those that were central to the subject of an article. It also contains articles categorized by general subject such as: 

  • Periods of American history (see part of the entry for the American Revolution, pictured left)
  • Locations (including those outside of New York State) 
  • Ethnic Groups (Dutch, Irish, Italian, etc) 








Macy’s Subject Index (1983-2018)

Former editor of The Record, Harry Macy Jr., FASG, FGBS, continued the subject-based index originally started by Mrs. Worden. His index begins where she left off, in 1983.

The organization is slightly different than Worden’s subject index. The PDF consists of three sections:

  • Compiled genealogies and family records, indexed by principal surnames
  • Source records and collective genealogies, indexed by location
  • Other articles, indexed by subject


Articles by Title

The article index is organized alphabetically by title and contains every article published in The Record from 1870-2015 (volumes 1-146). It is especially useful for locating articles that have been published in multiple installments, and now includes any additions and corrections which may appear much later than the original article.

Each entry contains the full title of the article, its author, volume, issue and the start and ending pages of the article. Researchers should note that the alphabetization is strict – if a title begins with the word “A” it is alphabetized by the letter “A;” likewise, titles that begin with “The” are alphabetized by “T.”

Researchers can search the PDF by pressing CTRL+F (or CMD+F on Mac computers).


Articles by Author

This index is organized alphabetically by author and contains every article attributed to that author published in The Record from 1870-2015 (volumes 1-146).

In general, the index displays the author’s name as it appeared in The Record. This index is especially useful for locating the entire body of writing of authors who worked in a specific niche or have a particular expertise.



These indexes are a fantastic way to explore The Record and fully understand the depth of the journal. NYG&B members will find these resources helpful in expanding their knowledge of their New York family and expediting the research process in general.

Prospective members of the NYG&B can use these indexes for free – they will help to preview what is available in this eLibrary collection, and may help determine if The Record will provide vital clues to ongoing family history research.