Gift Ideas for Genealogy Enthusiasts

Monday, November 20, 2017 - 10:00am

Is there a budding genealogist with New York roots in your family tree? Do you know an advanced researcher who yearns to discover more New York family history stories to tell? 

If so, our gift ideas for genealogists contain a wide variety of items - from stocking stuffers to big ticket items, we have something for everyone. Who said genealogists were hard to shop for? 

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What better time than the holiday season to give the gift of family history? 


Gift Membership

The NYG&B is New York's oldest
genealogical society & the second
oldest genealogical society in America.

Do you know a budding or advanced genealogist with New York roots? Keep them busy with your gift all year - send the gift of an Individual Annual NYG&B membership this holiday season! 

Members of the New York G&B all share a deep appreciation for the history and families of New York State, and many of history's most prominent New Yorkers have been a part of the society.

Today, our society offers more to members than ever before: 

  • Access to digital records that can only be found in our eLibrary. 
  • Hundreds of New York State research help articles and dozens of on-demand webinars from experts. 
  • Priority registration and discounted tickets for NYG&B research trips, workshops, and special events. 
  • Print subscriptions to The Record and The New York Researcher. 
  • Members-only discounts in our online store and with our partners. 

When you purchase this gift, you will be able to download a PDF gift card that will entitle the recipient to 1 year of membership in our society.

Click here to give the gift of NYG&B membership


Research Services


Connect with a professional NYG&B genealogist to receive personalized expertise on next steps for your own research. 

This half-hour review can open new avenues of exploration and point you toward resources to pursue. Consultations can be held in-person at the NYG&B offices in midtown Manhattan, over the phone, or online via Skype (or a related service). Click here to learn more


Research Plan Kick-Start

This starter package will provide 5 hours of professional help from our Staff Genealogist. This includes:

  • Review of your genealogical documentation
  • Review of your genealogical citation
  • Help formulating/reviewing research questions 
  • Personalized research recommendations identifying specific collections, repositories, and resources to help bring down that brick wall problem.

Click here for more information on this introductory package - NYG&B members receive a substantial discount. 

The main lobby of the NYC Municipal


Brick Wall Research

Have you hit a brick wall in your New York family history research? If so, this research package will enlist the help of our Staff Genealogist to help you bust through. Our professional will:

  • Review your single research question, and any known information you have. 
  • Research your brick wall problem using a variety of collections, repositories, and techniques.

Research time can be purchased in 5-hour increments, up to 30 hours (custom projects above 30 hours may be possible) - NYG&B members receive a substantial discount. Click here for more information on this package.


Concierge service visit to the NYC Municipal Archives 

Is someone on your gift list new to researching at the New York City Municipal Archives? Or is there an intermediate genealogist who is familiar with the birth, marriage, and death records but wants to delve deeper into the vast genealogically-related collections there?

Our concierge visit is a personalized 90-minute guided excursion, in which our genealogist will research with the participant in any collections of interest. Click here to learn more about our guided visit to the NYC Municipal Archives



Visit the New York Public Library and
other world-class repositories on 
our Empire State Exploration trip.

Empire State Exploration 

Give the gift of joining New York’s largest genealogical society for four days of research in New York City to help your genealogist uncover their New York ancestors. This experience focuses on tracing ancestors from across the entire state of New York, not just within the New York City area. 

With a home base at the NYG&B headquarters, researchers will be steps away from the NYG&B’s statewide collections at the New York Public Library - and access to experts to guide them along their way.

Early-bird registration discounts for NYG&B members end November 30! Click here to learn more


Research in Albany Tour 2018

Send the genealogist on your list to the Albany with the NYG&B for the annual Research in Albany Tour, featuring three days of assisted research and genealogical camaraderie with the people who know New York best. The New York State Library and the Archives are both rich in material available nowhere else that pertains to people who have lived throughout New York State.

Participants complete a research questionnaire before the trip, and our expert consultants provide feedback on not only their questions but how to focus the research itself. Click here for more information, including hotel accommodations, program features, and a list of collections available at the State Library and Archives. 


New York State Family History Conference 2018

Before you know it, the premiere New York genealogy conference will be right around the corner! Register the genealogist on your list to join us in Tarrytown, NY from September 13 - 15, 2018. The 2018 conference features two and a half days of lectures, workshops, and field trips, as well as a vibrant exhibit hall.

NYSFHC 2018 is the only statewide conference focused on New York genealogy and family history. In addition to educational opportunities, the gathering provides networking and social events, alongside the latest tools and methods for tracing New York families.

Early-bird discounts for NYG&B members are in effect! Click here to learn more about NYSFHC.


Research Guides

New York State Family History Research Guide and Gazetteer (Revised Edition)

The New York Family History Research Guide and Gazetteer is an essential New York resource and serves as a definitive, comprehensive textbook for researching New York genealogy.

We're proud to introduce the Revised Edition - now available for pre-order - including an updated vital records chapter that keeps researchers informed on the many new online records available. More than one hundred other revisions keep researchers up-to-date in the 16 chapters and 64 guides to all counties and special regions. County and special regions guides are available for individual purchase- click here for more information.

We cannot guarantee delivery for the holiday season, but the book will ship as soon as it's printed - we expect that to be before the end of 2017. Click here for a detailed overview of this comprehensive resource


New York City Municipal Archives: An Authorized Guide

This book answers the need for historians, genealogists, students, and others to have a clear, rational description of New York City's relevant public records - where they are located, what they contain, and how they can be accessed. If you know someone with many ancestors in New York City, they must have this book in-hand during any trip to the Municipal Archives. 

Extensive coverage is given to vital records of births, marriages, and deaths; court records; real estate records; and photographs. Less well-known collections are also be covered, including early records of the Dutch and English colonial eras; extensive Farm Histories that trace deed chains for former Manhattan farms to their earliest days; records of the Civil War Volunteer Soldiers’ Family Aid Fund; and Almshouse Records, which span 200 years and provide information on the inmates of numerous City institutions. Click here to learn more


NYG&B Guide: New York Birth, Marriage, and Death Records

New York vital records - one of the most important and complicated genealogical records sets - is explained in this guide. 

Extracted from the Revised Edition (2017) of the New York Family History Research Guide and Gazetteer, every New York researcher will want to have this on hand. Includes information on this history of vital record-keeping in New York that all researchers need to know, as well as detailed overview New York State and New York City vital records. Click here for a detailed overview of what the guide contains. 

This item is available for pre-order. We cannot guarantee delivery for the holiday season, but the book will ship as soon as it's printed - we expect that to be before the end of 2017. 

Click here to pre-order this guide today.


New York City: Five-borough Research Guide 

This 62-page volume is a comprehensive resource for anyone researching ancestors in New York City.

It combines 6 of our printed county guides - one for records and research specific to each borough, and one that covers city-wide records for New York City.  

Each chapter includes maps; historical geographical names and boundaries; descriptions of repositories; and selected print and online resources. 

Click here to order this research guide.


New York State Research Bundle 

This research bundle is perfect for someone just beginning to research their New York roots, but even advanced genealogists will find the information in these volumes invaluable. 

The bundle consists of New York State Censuses and Substitutes and any two of our printed county guides, available for all counties in New York State. 

Click here to order this research bundle.


Gifts Under $20

NYG&B New York Holiday Ornament

Give an Empire State touch to your holiday decorations this season! This holiday ornament celebrates the NYG&B and New York State - the perfect gift for anyone with New York stories in their family history.

Click here to order an NYG&B Holiday Ornament


New York County Guides

Does the researcher on your list need to zero in on a single NY county? You can order a guide for each individual county in New York State, as well as a guide for New York City and Long Island. Each guide includes:

  • County map: Shows current town 1and city boundaries, and the location of Indian reservations
  • Gazetteer: Each county guide inventories historical and contemporary names of every city, town, and village in a county, as well as any changing geographical borders. 
  • Repositories and Resources: Locate the records you need - an annotated list of government offices, repositories, societies, and organizations holding records and collections useful to genealogists. 
  • Selected Print and Online Resources: Each guide offers selected print and online resources about that county that will be particularly useful for the genealogist. 

Click here for a list of all county guides


NYG&B New York City Bookmark

Celebrate New York and its stories! This bookmark is in the shape of the iconic Chrysler Building in New York City. 

The perfect gift for an avid reader.

Click here to order the NYG&B New York City Bookmark.


More Books

German Churches of Metropolitan New York

This pioneering work should be of immense value to anyone researching New York families of German origin. Dr. Haberstroh has identified over 400 Protestant and Catholic churches which have served the German communities in the present five boroughs of New York City, as well as Jersey City and Hoboken, from the 1600s to the present.

For each church he gives year founded, location(s), whereabouts of records, and in the case of Protestant churches, names of pastors.

Click here to order German Churches of Metropolitan New York


Irish Ancestors in New York City

This excellent book provides a comprehensive overview of Irish immigration to New York City and methods of finding the place of origin for Irish ancestors. The author, a native-born Irishman, a sociologist, and a professional genealogist covers the relevant record groups and publications, offers research strategies, and provides a list of every Catholic parish that has existed in each of the five boroughs of New York City. 

Click here to learn more about Irish Ancestors in New York City


The Suffragents

Celebrate 100 years of women's suffrage by reading the story of how and why a group of prominent and influential men in New York City and beyond came together to help women gain the right to vote. The Suffragents is the untold story of how some of New York’s most powerful men formed the Men’s League for Woman Suffrage, which grew between 1909 and 1917 from 150 founding members into a force of thousands across thirty-five states.

Click here to order The Suffragents


New Netherland in a Nutshell

This beautiful and readable gift book offers a concise yet comprehensive history about one of the most important settlements in early America. 

This book, by Firth Haring Fabend - NYG&B member and student of the early Dutch in America -  has been endorsed by two of the giants in New Netherland history and research — Charles Gehring, Director of the New Netherland Research Center, and Russell Shorto, author of The Island at the Center of the World.

Click here to order New Netherland in a Nutshell


Naturalizations in the Marine Court, New York City 1827 - 1840

Our ancestors were able to become naturalized in a wider variety of courts than many researchers realize. One institution that holds some often-overlooked naturalization records was the Marine Court in New York City. Dr. Kenneth Scott has abstracted thousands of records from the Marine Court - entries include the name of the person naturalized, his or her sponsor, place of former allegiance, and the date the oath was administered.

Click here to order Naturalizations in the Marine Court, New York City 1827-1835 and click here to order Naturalizations in the Marine Court, New York City 1834-1840


New York State Probate Records

This is an important new edition which serves as a comprehensive guide to 350 years of probate records in New York State. The improved design, addition of online resources and appendixes, plus the additional detail all assist the New York researcher in navigating the challenges of this important group of records.

Click here to order New York State Probate Records


Kings County, New York Administration Proceedings 

When anyone dies intestate (without a will), Letters of Administration may be issued authorizing a relative or other individual to settle the estate under the supervision of the county Surrogate's Court. These records can contain very useful genealogical data, and the authors of this volume have abstracted all the administration proceedings files from 1817-1856. 

Click here to learn more about Kings County, New York Administration Proceedings


We hope this list gave you some great ideas - visit the NYG&B store for even more gift ideas. 

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