Research Services

Looking for New York ancestors?

The NYG&B offers a variety of services to assist you along the way, including personalized consultations, searches within the NYG&B collections, records retrieval services, and in-depth research projects


Records Retrieval Service

Also known as Minisearch, this member service offers copies from key New York repositories.

Once you have identified a specific request (call number, page number, certificate number, etc.) our experience volunteers will obtain the copies on your behalf.

Current repositories:

  • New York Public Library
  • New York State Archives and Library
  • New York City Municipal Archives
  • National Archives at New York City
  • New-York Historical Society
  • Onondaga County Library
  • Syracuse University Library
  • Oswego State Library
  • Oswego Public Library

Your request must include sufficient details for us to locate the document without index or other searches, and make copies. Requests for copies from books should include the title, author, and specific information sought. In the case of a record – e.g. genealogy excerpt, birth certificate, passenger arrival record – that means the certificate number or volume and page, and all relevant names, dates, and locations.

Submit your request to Requests are usually completed within six weeks.

Fees: $25 fee per repository (includes up to three requests at any single repository), plus photocopying and any associated repository fees is available to members of the NYG&B.


NYG&B Collections at the New York Public Library

The NYG&B will conduct a search of the NYG&B's collections housed at the New York Public Library on an hourly basis. Simply provide the collection name, call number, and search details to get started. 

Submit your request to Requests are usually completed within six weeks.

Fees: $25 per hour (members); $60 per hour (non-members) plus copying expenses.



Connect with a professional genealogist through the NYG&B to receive personalized expertise relating to your research. Consultations can be held in-person at the NYG&B headquarters, over the phone, or online via Skype (or a related service). 

Submit your request to

Fees: $50 per 30 minutes.


Research Projects

The NYG&B also engages in a limited number of paid research projects each year. Contact for further details.