Online New York Newspapers

The array of New York newspapers online is very extensive.  This guide outlines some of the principle newspapers and indicates where you can find them online.  From time to time, we will expand the listings of newspapers to provide you with direct links and other information. You are invited to check each source for titles and communities of interest to you.

While there are many New York newspaper titles that have been preserved, this guide is only to newspapers that are online. Visits to libraries, historical societies, and other repositories will give you access to many other titles. When a source lists a newspaper online, and gives beginning and end dates, that does not necessarily mean that every issue between those start and end dates is on the respective website.  Sometimes the holdings are limited to a single issue. Other holdings are complete. Some websites are better than others in giving you explicit information about which issues are included in the database.

Many newspaper websites offer both a “search” and a “browse” feature.  Some online search engines are better than others; if you cannot find what you expect to find using the “search” feature, try browsing. Another important caveat is that some of the major sources of newspapers require you to be a subscriber. In some cases,  your local or regional library may have subscriptions to these databases, in which case you can access them online from the library or from home if the library permits that.  Policies among libraries vary.

Some newspaper archives may exist on more than one website. Two examples are the New York Times (on its own website, on Proquest, and on others) and the Brooklyn Eagle (on Fulton County History and the Brooklyn Public Library website, to name just two.) For some major, long-run papers, the quality of the images and the search engine, as well as the extent of coverage, may vary from website to website.


Online Newspaper Directories and Listings

  • The Library of Congress (also see The Library of Congress section under "Online Newspapers)

Chronicling America

Presented by the Library of Congress, Chronicling America's US Newspaper Directory contains a listing of publications from 1690 to the present. You can search for newspapers published in the United States by title, place, date, or ethnicity. Information on locating a print or microfilm version of the paper is provided. While more than 12,000 New York newspaper titles are listed, not every newspaper is included (and only a small number are accessible online).

Newspaper Directories and Annuals 

Rowell’s American Newspaper Directory (1869–1877), Ayer’s American Newspaper Annual (1880–1909), and Ayer’s American Newspaper Annual & Directory (1910– 1920) are part of the Digital Reference Collection of the Library of Congress Newspaper and Current Periodical Reading Room website. These annual directories are organized by state, then location, and list all titles published in that locality in that year.

The NYPL's Newspaper research page is an invaluable resource for finding not only the extensive NYPL holdings, but links to other newspaper websites as well. A 13-page list of New York newspapers includes NYPL call numbers and dates of the holdings.

Provides links to repositories in New York State that house newspapers in print and on microfilm.  Researchers can search by county, city or town. This database was created as a result of New York’s participation in the United States Newspaper Program (USNP).

New York Newspapers Online

A product of Gale Digital Collections, the database includes hundreds of titles, some of which are from New York including some unusual titles. A representative sample:

  • Irish World and American Industrial Liberator (New York, 1890-1899)
  • The National Advocate (1816-1828)
  • The New York Herald (1830-1863)
  • New York Spectator (1823-1851)
  • New York Age (1883-1892)
  • Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper (1855-1892)
  • Emancipator and Free American (1833-1848)

​Contains about 75 searchable New York newspapers and newspaper-related collections. Titles include:

  • Syracuse Herald and Herald Journal: scattered years 1831-1974
  • Syracuse Post Standard: Scattered years 1875-1977
  • Troy Times Record and Troy Record: 1943-1977
  • Kingston Freeman: 1914-1950

This extremely large collection of searchable online newspapers is a product of which also offers much additional material including books, government publications, and periodicals. The newspaper collection of over 1,500 titles contains almost 300 titles from all over New York State, from the 18th century to the present. As with other databases, some titles contain relatively few issues, while others are extensive. 

Contains at least two New York newspapers online: Lake and Valley Clarion (2003-2006) and the Poughkeepsie Journal (published under various titles with issues online between 1785-2008).

Includes online material from about 450 New York newspaper titles. Some files are extensive, others very limited. Some titles date from the 18th century, others are recent startups.  There are newspapers for which all pages in the given issues are scanned; other files are obituaries only.  A representative sample of their offerings:

  • Albany Argus (1813-1822)
  • Cooperstown Federalist (1809-1815)
  • Frederick Douglass Paper (1847-1860)
  • Hudson River Chronicle (1837-1850)
  • Irish World (1890-1905)
  • Long Island Star (1809-1820)
  • New York Herald (1844-1898)
  • Newsday (2004-present)
  • Plattsburgh Republican (1841-1861)
  • Saratoga Sentinal (1821-1838)
  • Staten Island Advance (2004-present)

Online collections for New York currently include:

  • The Evening World (New York City). Issues between 1887 and 1909 are online.
  • The Sun (New York City). Issues between 1866 and 1910 are online.
  • New-York Daily Tribune (New York City). Issues between 1860 and 1866 are online.
  • New-York Tribune (New York City). Issues between 1866 and 1922 are online.

A free searchable database covering hundreds of town, county and city newspapers, representing over 40 counties, that are available online.  You are able to search through the newspapers by county, or through several other advanced search options.

A searchable subscription database (presented by containing millions of newspaper titles from across the United States.

This searchable website (more easily remembered by its address states that it contains over 15 million newspaper pages from all over New York State.  This unusual, and unusually rich, site is the astounding work of one individual.  There are almost 500 newspaper titles from many small communities in upstate New York as well as from larger cities, including New York City.  To view an index of newspaper titles, click on the FAQ/Help/Index tab at the top of the page; at the end of the first sentence there is a "click here" link that will take you to four pages of newspaper titles.  You may browse a newspaper title or search across the whole collection by using the search bar on the lefthand menu.  Read the FAQs for important tips on how to narrow your search.

Available at libraries and other institutions that subscribe. Major New York titles that are online are:

  • The New York Times with index: 1851-2007
  • New York Tribune: 1841-1922
  • Wall Street Journal: 1889-1993
  • New York Amsterdam News: 1922-1993

A well-organized guide to many accessible newspaper titles, with links. The list is organized by country and state.  

Individual and Specialized Newspapers

Many existing newspapers archive their past issues on their respective websites. If it isn’t obvious where to find the archives from the newspaper’s homepage, the next best place to search for the archives is by going to the site map.

  • The New York Times is searchable online from 1851 to the present. Some years are free (1851-1922; 1987-present); others are paid (1923-1986).
  • The Wall Street Journal is also fully searchable but requires payment and for much of its press run, a Proquest registration.

Other large city papers have their own newspaper online archive, but they tend to begin at a relatively recent date. For example:

Other Collections

  • Freedom’s Journal, said to be the first African-American owned and operated newspaper in the US, was published in New York City from 1827-1829.  It contains an extensive amount of information of genealogical interest. This newspaper is online at the Wisconsin Historical Society website. All issues are available.  

  • New York Heritage offers many anti-slavery and abolitionist newspapers, several newspapers from community colleges as well as other small local papers.

  • The Friend of Man (1836-1842)  . This important antislavery and reform-movement paper , published in central New York from 1836 to 1842, is online at Cornell University.  The collection is close to, but not quite, complete.

  • The Andover Advertiser (1869 – 1978) is available at the Andover Free Library website. While not all years have survived, many issues of this weekly newspaper are available.  This newspaper served Allegany and parts of Steuben County.

  • Hudson River Valley Heritage website includes four papers: Rockland County Journal (1850-1876); Rockland County Messenger (1848-1857); Rockland County Times (1902-1904)and the Kingston Daily Freeman (1895; 1903-1912).

  • The Griffin This is the Canisius College weekly student newspaper. Digitized images cover 1933-1957.

  • The Cornell Daily Sun (1880 – 1989) Digitizing this college newspaper is an ongoing project of the Cornell University Library.  A large number of issues have been digitized and are searchable.

  • This huge subscription database is international in scope and contains three New York papers:   Mackenzie's Gazette ( New York 1838-1840), New York Examiner (1843), and Volunteer (Rochester 1841-1842).

  • Nassau County Libraries Historic Newspaper Collections This database includes issues of Bethpage Tribune, Farmingdale Observer, Daily Review of Nassau County, Freeport News, South Side Messenger, Queens County Review, Nassau County Review, Nassau Post, and The Leader.

  • Suffolk County Historical Newspaper Archive Includes nine newspaper titles. Searches can include individual titles or all nine at once. Titles include: The Corrector (Sag Harbor, 1822-1911); The Long Island Traveler (Cutchogue, 1872-1898); The Long Islander (Huntington, 1839-1974); The Mid-Island Mail (Medford Station, 1935-1941); The Patchogue Advance (1926-1948); The Port Jefferson Echo (1892-1931); Sag Harbor Express (1885-1898); South Side Signal (Babylon, 1869-1879): Suffolk County News (1888-1953; 1996-2007).

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