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Family NameGiven NameVolume:Page
CluteMary m.182182:158
CluteNelletie b.1728120:44
CluteNelley m.179360:21
CluteNicholas b.177861:298
CluteNicholas C. b.183659:22
CluteNicholas d.1852 86y60:377
CluteNicholas F.m.185392:45
ClutePaggy b.178162:34
ClutePeter I.57:279
ClutePeter m.179894:88
ClutePetrus m.176173:57
ClutePhebe A. (Van Name)89:112
ClutePhoebe M.(Hoag)60:383
ClutePieter b.1731120:44
ClutePieter b.176791:200
ClutePolly (Rea)92:242
CluteRachel (Swart)73:54
CluteRachel b.179462:296
CluteRachel m.175373:53
CluteRachel m.175973:56
CluteRichard bp. 178562:296
CluteSally (Sebrant)62:424
CluteSally (Sebring)62:414
CluteSally (Van Ness)63:198
CluteSarah ()69:63
CluteSarah (Abel)62:296
CluteSarah (Evens)62:34
CluteSarah (Havens)62:296
CluteSarah (Sebrant)63:56
CluteSarah (Sebring)62:27
CluteSarah (Van Ness)60:17
CluteSarah (Van Ness)62:417
CluteSarah (Van Ness)63:191
CluteSarah A.1847-190457:75,186
CluteSarah A.d.1867 29y58:170
CluteSarah Ann bp. 179693:76
CluteSophia (Van Vorst)29:232
CluteSoverynus b.178062:27
CluteSuffia m.182096:42
CluteSusan ()57:286
CluteTanneken (Fonda)73:39
CluteTanneken (Fonda)91:198
CluteThomas b.178162:31
CluteUrania ()58:170