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Search Results for family names starting with the letter U.
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Family NameGiven NameVolume:Page
UpsonLilly Minnetta (Cafferty)54:155
UpsonLouisa (Empey)54:155
UpsonLouise Angeline b.189054:155
UpsonLucina (Miller)53:48
UpsonLucina (Miller)54:155
UpsonLucina Jane (Holden)53:48
UpsonLucina Jane (Upson)b.186454:155
UpsonLucretia 1766-184844:73,84
UpsonLucy A.(Tibbett)51:352
UpsonLyman Davis 1824-188054:154
UpsonLyman Davis b.182453:48
UpsonLyman Davis m.186654:155
UpsonLyman Lent b.189454:155
UpsonMaria (Preston)52:336,338
UpsonMaria (Preston) m.181953:48,104
UpsonMaria b.184253:48
UpsonMaria b.184254:158
UpsonMarie Phebe b.185154:155
UpsonMary (Munson) b.176653:48
UpsonMary Wade b.186954:156
UpsonMiles b.183053:48
UpsonNancy Berthena b.182753:48
UpsonNancy Berthena b.182754:156
UpsonRobert Lyman b.188554:155
UpsonRuth Anna b.187654:156
UpsonRuth Bronson54:156
UpsonSarah m.178431:239
UpsonSpencer Johnson b.184053:48
UpsonSpencer Johnson b.184054:157
UpsonSusan Angeline b.185554:155
UpsonWilbert Ashbel 1857-9654:155
UpsonWilbert Ives54:155
UpsonWilliam Nelson b.182253:48
UpsonWilliam W.m.187051:352
UptegroveElizabeth b.178181:95
UptegroveHuldah Ann 1836-188594:81
UptegroveLewis William94:81
UptegroveSusan J.(Bedford)94:81
UptonAbraham m.1859110:155
UptonBeetie m.17052:27
UptonBettie m.170598:90
UptonCharity (Sellecke)42:299
UptonEleanor d.1845 94y46:129