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Search Results for family names starting with the letter R.
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Family NameGiven NameVolume:Page
RacketDeziah (Vail)66:52
RacketDeziah (Vail) m.1795127:150
RacketDeziah 1811127:149
RacketDorinda (Petty) m.1844127:44
RacketElesabeth m.172949:69
RacketElisah m.1807127:153
RacketElisha m.180765:265
RacketElisha Sherry 1811-1898127:153
RacketElisha Terry 1823-1898127:153
RacketElizabeth () 1793-1839127:44
RacketElizabeth (Ludlam) m.1848127:153
RacketElizabeth (Vail) m.180359:126
RacketElizabeth (Vail) m.1830127:43
RacketElizabeth (Wiggins) m.1852127:44
RacketElizabeth b.1840127:151
RacketEsther E. b.1825127:44
RacketEunice 1794-1870127:40
RacketExperience (Brown) m.1787127:39
RacketFanny (Hall) m.1817127:154
RacketFanny (Wells)65:343
RacketFanny (Wells) m.1817127:100
RacketFrances E. (Monell)127:45
RacketGeorge b.1833127:151
RacketGrant B.127:149,151
RacketGrant B.m.181565:341
RacketGrant Bradley 1790-1831127:40
RacketHannah m.176149:162
RacketHannah ()48:165
RacketHannah (Bradley)51:207
RacketHannah (Bradley) m.175749:160
RacketHannah (Bradley) m.1757127:38
RacketHannah (Tuthil) m.173749:73
RacketHannah (Tuthill)59:280
RacketHannah (Vail)65:265,341
RacketHannah (Vail)127:153
RacketHannah (Vail) m.1788127:40
RacketHannah (Wiggins)127:45
RacketHannah (Wiggins) m.1763127:41
RacketHannah (Wiggins) m.176359:126
RacketHannah (Wiggins) m.176349:164
RacketHannah (Young)65:343
RacketHannah (Young) m.176949:267
RacketHannah (Youngs)66:52
RacketHannah (Youngs) m.1769127:99
RacketHannah 1739-1805127:41
RacketHannah 1783-1860127:100
RacketHannah b.1766127:42