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Family NameGiven NameVolume:Page
QuackenbushCatharina (Van Pelt)30:24
QuackenbushCatharina (Van Pelt)28:103,144
QuackenbushCatharina (Van Pelt)29:24,90,152,195
QuackenbushCatharina (Van Schaick)2:191
QuackenbushCatharina (Waldron)24:177
QuackenbushCatharina (Waldron)27:75
QuackenbushCatharina b.176560:126
QuackenbushCatharina b.176825:21
QuackenbushCatharina b.177439:186
QuackenbushCatharina bp. 173925:23
QuackenbushCatharina bp. 177129:195
QuackenbushCatharina m.174673:47
QuackenbushCatharina m.176030:123
QuackenbushCatharine ()57:196
QuackenbushCatharine ()60:11
QuackenbushCatharine (De Witt)17:232
QuackenbushCatharine (DeWitt)10:132
QuackenbushCatharine (Fonda) d.184659:382
QuackenbushCatharine (Van Schaick)24:174
QuackenbushCatharine (Van Schaick)39:116
QuackenbushCatharine (Waldron)101:162,238
QuackenbushCatharine (Wemple)35:196
QuackenbushCatharine 1774-185425:23
QuackenbushCatharine 1793-188125:78
QuackenbushCatharine 1818-186525:78
QuackenbushCatharine b.177410:132
QuackenbushCatharine Joanna (Payn)25:23
QuackenbushCatharine M.(Salmon)25:133
QuackenbushCatharine m.181371:84
QuackenbushCatharine N. d.1876 79y59:383
QuackenbushCatherina bp. 172525:18
QuackenbushCatherina bp. 173525:18
QuackenbushCatherine 1843-190661:198
QuackenbushCatherine (De Witt)9:84
QuackenbushCatherine (Dewit)8:24
QuackenbushCatherine (DeWitt)46:73
QuackenbushCatherine (DeWitt)25:18
QuackenbushCatherine (Waldron)91:204
QuackenbushCatherine M. 1849-192361:198
QuackenbushCatherine M.(Wemple)44:366
QuackenbushCatrin b.178762:421
QuackenbushCatrina (De Voe)62:23
QuackenbushCatrina (Ronback-Konback?)85:105