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Family NameGiven NameVolume:Page
QuackenbushAnne b.180125:78
QuackenbushAnne Elizabeth (Brouwer)24:175
QuackenbushAnne m.1816114:84
QuackenbushAnne Neville25:136
QuackenbushAnnetje133:260, 261
QuackenbushAnnetje (Cornelis)11:179
QuackenbushAnnetje (Gansevoort)25:22
QuackenbushAnnetje (Harlison)24:178
QuackenbushAnnetje (Kortright)m170124:174
QuackenbushAnnetje (Scott) m.172324:176
QuackenbushAnnetje (Shannon)25:17
QuackenbushAnnetje (Vosburg)24:176
QuackenbushAnnetje b.176939:185
QuackenbushAnnetje bp. 176729:85,86
QuackenbushAnnie (Van Blarcom?)101:226
QuackenbushAnnie (Van Saun) m.1879102:217
QuackenbushAnny (Groesbeck)29:143,144
QuackenbushAnny (Groesbeck)65:79,82
QuackenbushAnthony b.171724:176
QuackenbushAntje (Brouwer)19:116
QuackenbushAntje (Le Grande)24:176
QuackenbushAntje m.168524:174
QuackenbushAntje m.178685:101
QuackenbushArent Bratt 1799-184625:78
QuackenbushArnout b.170724:177
QuackenbushArnout b.170924:177
QuackenbushArthur D.114:212
QuackenbushArthur D., Jr.133:242, 258, 260
QuackenbushBarent b.173524:177
QuackenbushBarent m.179085:105
QuackenbushBata (Clute)25:17
QuackenbushBata (Ouderkerk)58:271
QuackenbushBata (Ouderkirk) m.174024:175
QuackenbushBata b.170724:175
QuackenbushBata b.173524:178
QuackenbushBata b.175224:179
QuackenbushBata b.176425:20
QuackenbushBata bp. 174425:17
QuackenbushBata bp. 175325:17
QuackenbushBata m.175173:52
QuackenbushBata m.175973:56
QuackenbushBata m.176373:61
QuackenbushBeeletje b.176725:20
QuackenbushBeelitje bp. 177425:20