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Search Results for family names starting with the letter P.
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Family NameGiven NameVolume:Page
PackerDaniel b.173266:118
PackerDavida Ann76:122
PackerElisha b.174766:118
PackerElizabeth ()Hall)52:44
PackerEmma Jane (Christy)76:122
PackerFreelove (Satterly)85:136
PackerHannah (Crossman) m.170122:79
PackerHannah b.173866:118
PackerIchabod b.170766:118
PackerIchabod b.173066:118
PackerIsrael m.170122:79
PackerJames b.171066:118
PackerJames Capt.66:117
PackerJohn 171260:309,312
PackerJohn b.173452:53
PackerJohn m. 162122:204
PackerJohn m.181871:300
PackerJone (Shorter) m.161822:77
PackerKatherin (Brabkin) m. 162122:204
PackerLucretia bp. 174366:118
PackerLucy Ann m.184151:335
PackerLucy b.175166:118
PackerMargaret (Debaun) m.181871:300
PackerMargery m.160718:38
PackerMartin W. m.1888102:209
PackerMary Keyes m.191494:204
PackerRebecca (Wentworth)52:53
PackerSally m.182685:136
PackerSarah b.173666:118
PackerSophia m.185086:233
PackerThomas b.173152:53
PackerThomas Col.m.168752:52
PackerThomas Col.MD d.172852:44
PackerThomas Jr.52:52
PackerUnice b.174066:118
PackerZerviah (Eldredge)66:118
PackettLucy Madison77:9
PackharnessJohn d.179581:147
PackmanAlice (Gardener) m.161120:183
PackmanThomas m.161120:183
PacknettAbigail (Packnett)33:93
PacknettJohn m.178333:93
PacksfordeJoane (Barnes) m.160827:87
PacksfordeJohn m.160827:87
PackwoodAbigail () d.1808 69y51:338