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Search Results for family names starting with the letter L.
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Family NameGiven NameVolume:Page
La BarJohn C.1787-186577:25
La BarMargaret 1844-192077:24
La BarMargaretta (Stewart)77:25
La BarMary 1845-189077:25
La BarMoses 1820-184577:25
La BarSallie Ann ()77:24
La BarSamuel 1824-188277:25
La BarSarah () 1787-187677:25
La BarSarah A.() 1815-190077:25
La BarSarah J.() d.1864 86y79:128
La BarSarah J.d.1885 69y79:124
La BaronPhilippina Marie135:231
La Barr see Labar
La BarrAmos52:360
La BarrAmzi bp. 184457:155
La BarrAnna b.179957:152
La BarrCatherine (Shoemaker)57:156
La BarrCornelia ()57:160
La BarrDaniel57:63,149,159
La BarrElizabeth57:149
La BarrElizabeth (Chambers)57:71,149
La BarrElizabeth m.185257:156
La BarrEmily bp. 184457:155
La BarrFranklin b.185057:155
La BarrGeorge57:152
La BarrGeorge W.m.184457:156
La BarrHarriet ()52:360
La BarrHiram bp. 184857:155
La BarrJ.Depew57:155,159
La BarrJohn57:160
La BarrJohn Chambers bp. 178757:149
La BarrJohn m.178657:71
La BarrLydia m.185257:156
La BarrMargaret Jane bp. 184857:155
La BarrMary Ann bp. 184857:155
La BarrMoses d.184557:159
La BarrRichard52:360
La BarrRuth d.1858 25y52:360
La BarrSally Ann ()57:155
La BarrSamuel57:159
La BarrSarah ()57:160
La BarrSarah A.()52:360
La BarrSarah d.186457:157
La BarrSary (Jayn)57:152
La BaughCecelia (Jaycox)107:213
La BaughJohn107:214
La BaughMary107:213
La BaughPhilip107:213
La BaughPhoebe (Wiltsie)107:214
La BeatyIsabel d.1847 55y119:37