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Search Results for family names starting with the letter K.
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Family NameGiven NameVolume:Page
KuyperJan Janszen5:93
KuyperJannetje (Ver Kerk)17:227
KuyperJannetje (Verkerk)19:14,114
KuyperJannetje (Verkerk)16:91
KuyperJannetje bp. 172019:14
KuyperJoanna DePeyster23:155
KuyperJochem Pieterszen40:189
KuyperJohanna Depeyster bp. 179231:98
KuyperJohanna Wesselena (Wolda) 179862:43
KuyperKlaas m.174761:63
KuyperKornelis m.171584:166
KuyperLeentje (Martens)40:189
KuyperLucas b.164564:107
KuyperMargaritje 1798-187723:139
KuyperMaria (Wendell)85:102
KuyperMarietje m.179385:170
KuyperMarragreitje bp. 179732:17
KuyperMarretje bp. 172219:114
KuyperMarritie m.175385:98
KuyperMarrytie (Blauvelt) m.171884:167
KuyperMary (Somers)52:109
KuyperMaryken b.163964:107
KuyperMene Johannes bp. 179973:204
KuyperPeter 1809112:19
KuyperPeter Rev.181762:289
KuyperSamuel L.62:173
KuyperSamuel S. MD23:155
KuyperSamuel Schuyler bp. 179531:152
KuyperSarah (Wilson) m.180886:116
KuyperSarah m.180786:115
KuyperTeunis Abra.m.178785:102
KuyperTeunis F. m.181786:173
KuyperTeunis m.175385:99
KuyperTheunis m.171884:167
KuyperThomas m.180085:244
KuyperTrientje Claes m.167827:186
KuyperTrientje Claesse96:195
KuyperTryntje Klaes103:69
KuyperWarmolders bp. 179832:23
KuyperWillemyntie (Meyer) m.174761:63
KuyperWilliam P.73:204
KuyperWilliam Provoost61:380
KuyperZacharias bp. 1805109:141
Kuyper - Cooper52:109
Kuyper -Cuyper -Van PurmerentClaes Jansen d.172565:28,29