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Search Results for family names starting with the letter J.
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Family NameGiven NameVolume:Page
JacksonAngelina (Haughwout)33:239
JacksonAnn m.1800125:79
JacksonAnn () (Shannon)47:70
JacksonAnn () (Shannon)47:288
JacksonAnn () d.1859 61y38:277
JacksonAnn () m.181782:101
JacksonAnn (....) m.182439:261
JacksonAnn (Gardener)81:35
JacksonAnn (Shannon) m.1781105:27
JacksonAnn (Shaw) m.182053:244
JacksonAnn (Skidmore)53:136
JacksonAnn Amelia b.185755:371
JacksonAnn b.1852126:75
JacksonAnn Eliza m.184053:253
JacksonAnn m.179075:85
JacksonAnn m.182893:228
JacksonAnn Maria m.183272:170
JacksonAnna (Frelinghuysen)44:329
JacksonAnna (Frelinghuysen)38:74
JacksonAnna (Frelinghuysen)37:82
JacksonAnna (Van der Speigel)16:125
JacksonAnna (Van der Spiegal)44:329
JacksonAnna (Van Der Spiegel)37:82
JacksonAnna (Van der Spiegel)38:74
JacksonAnna (Wessels)13:137
JacksonAnna (Wessels)38:74
JacksonAnna (Wessels)44:325,328
JacksonAnna (Wessels)59:162
JacksonAnna (Wessels)11:78
JacksonAnna (Wessels) m.169437:81
JacksonAnna (Wood) m.178342:136
JacksonAnna bp. 170916:115
JacksonAnna Horn m.189837:88
JacksonAnna Maria37:87
JacksonAnna Maria b.180737:86
JacksonAnna Maria b.180738:74
JacksonAnna Maria bp. 1800115:110
JacksonAnna Maria bp. 180032:149
JacksonAnnatje (Jackson)89:222,226
JacksonAnnatje 173860:344
JacksonAnne ()43:290
JacksonAnne (Shannon) m.178171:391
JacksonAnne 1714-175343:290
JacksonAnne m.176613:141
JacksonAnne m.182772:89