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Search Results for family names starting with the letter I.
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Family NameGiven NameVolume:Page
IvesonJane ()44:54
IvesonJohn Rev.44:54
IvesonSarah b.182044:54
IveyClara m.189359:388
IveyHenry m.185588:237
IveyJohn 1732 30y95:223
IveyMargaret (McDonald)88:237
IvinsCaleb b.175393:162
IvinsDiadamia m.175320:81
IvinsHoward 1802-185135:251
IvinsJane (Thorn)93:238
IvinsKeziah (Shreve)93:162
IvinsLydia (Brown)20:81
IvinsSarah (Hance)35:187,251
IvinsSarah (Wright)93:162
IvorieJoane (Chamlyn)26:111
IvorieRichard m.161826:111
IvoryAlexander m.175144:160
IvoryAlexander m.175544:162
IvoryClara (Crippen) m.190956:4
IvoryJacobus bp. 175642:380
IvoryJacobus m.179287:33
IvoryJacobus RW19:128,129,131
IvoryJames m.176770:273
IvoryJenneke (Decker)42:380
IvoryJenneke (Decker)44:162
IvoryJohn F.56:4
IvoryMaria (Cole)44:160,162
IvorySally (Roosa)87:33
IvorySarah (Brooks)70:273
IvoryUriah D.d.1866 27y52:148
IvyLydia b.189870:65
IxworthBarbery m.162423:47
IzardAbel m.1795122:160
IzardAdeline (Pike)103:162
IzardAlice (De Lancey)99:19
IzardAlice (DeLancey)4:172
IzardAnne b.17794:172
IzardElizabeth (Gibbs)92:32
IzardElizabeth (Middleton)28:241
IzardElizabeth D.(Lee)103:161
IzardEmma Phil.(Middleton)28:241
IzardGeorge b.17774:172