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Search Results for family names starting with the letter H.
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Family NameGiven NameVolume:Page
HoughtelingCatarine b.1730102:29
HoughtelingCatarine bp. 1730113:227
HoughtelingCatharina bp. 1771102:33
HoughtelingCatharine (Couse)102:35
HoughtelingCatharine (Huyck) m.1834102:144
HoughtelingCatharine (Johnson) m.1845113:230
HoughtelingCatharine (Moon)102:105
HoughtelingCatharine (Moon) m.1807102:143
HoughtelingCatharine (Price) m.1777102:35
HoughtelingCatharine (Van Sickel)113:229
HoughtelingCatharine b.1786102:34
HoughtelingCatharine b.1804102:106
HoughtelingCatharine bp. 1764102:33
HoughtelingCatharine bp. 1790102:141,144
HoughtelingCatharine Mary m.1863113:142
HoughtelingCatrina bp. 1751102:28
HoughtelingCatrinka b.1734102:28
HoughtelingCharity (Pangburn) m.1754102:29
HoughtelingCharity (Pangburn) m.1754113:227
HoughtelingCharity bp. 1793102:141,144
HoughtelingCharles b.1798102:142
HoughtelingCharles Henry b.1849102:148,149
HoughtelingCharles J. b.1872102:149
HoughtelingChloe (Olcott)113:229
HoughtelingChloe E. (Wing) m.1843102:146
HoughtelingChristina (Breese)102:29
HoughtelingChristina (Proper) m.1783102:106
HoughtelingChristopher m.1828113:230
HoughtelingClara (Millard) m.1883102:149
HoughtelingCoenradt b.1739102:28
HoughtelingCoenradt bp. 1717102:28
HoughtelingCoenradt bp. 1736102:28
HoughtelingCoenradt Mathys 1667-1745113:227
HoughtelingCornelia bp. 1722102:28
HoughtelingCortright 1811-1893113:230
HoughtelingDavid b.1732102:28
HoughtelingDavid b.177661:86
HoughtelingDavid bp. 1769102:33
HoughtelingDavid bp. 1822102:144
HoughtelingDavid Wager b.1805102:143,147
HoughtelingDeluria (Wilcox)113:229
HoughtelingDenus b.1761102:31
HoughtelingDina bp. 1683123:155
HoughtelingDina m.1722123:155